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Pentagon can't account  for $21 Trillion 14 May 2018

US has killed 20 million people since WWII 2015

US Military families against war in Afghanistan 10 Oct 2018

War on Terror: $250M/day      from July 2017 article

Refusenik Camilo Mejia: defends Nicaragua 15 June 2018

Vets for Peace speaks at Poor People Campaign in LA 1 June 2018

Veterans for Peace at antiwar march in Oakland 15 Apr 2018

US Navy killing whales 16 May 2016

Vets urge drone operators to refuse 20 June 2015

Drones operator are quiting 5 March 2015

The drone operator who said 'No' 21 January 2015

GI Coffeehouse fundraising 9 March 2014

Irak vet Daniel Somers suicide letter 10 June 2013

'The Last Letter' from dead Iraq vet Tomas Young
18 March 2013

International 'Close Down Guantanamo' Protests
11January 2013

An appeal from Shawna Foster on behalf of Iraq Veterans Against the War 18 September 2012

Civilian-Soldiers Alliance supports resistance in the ranks 2012

US Vet Leah Bolger disrupts Congress  10 April 2012

Film based on Winter Soldier soon on US TV  5 January 2012

Invitation to G.I. Café's Mailing List An anti-war/refusenik centre located in Kaiserslautern (home of a sizeable military presence in Germany) needs your support. 9 June 2011

AWOL Soldier Jeff Hanks refusing deployment due to PTSD 5 November 2010

Online petition from Iraq Veterans Against The War
Sign the Operation Recovery Pledge of Support today!
26 October 2010

André Shepherd receives award from German newspaper Connection e.V. stated today. “We are now urging the German migration authorities to finally grant André Shepherd the necessary asylum protection." 20 September 2010

Army surrenders: Marc Hall to be discharged immediately! “I’m out of the confinement facility! Thank you to everyone for all the efforts everyone made....I appreciate all of the love and support so many people gave me through my ordeal.” April 17 2010

Army court martial of Eric Jasinski underway
“What I saw and what I did in Iraq caused my PTSD" With a military health care system over-stretched by two ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, more soldiers are going AWOL to find treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 31 March 2010

Berkeley City Council recommends universal and unconditional amnesty for Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan war military resisters and veterans March 30, 2010

Army moves to strip jailed hip-hop soldier of
due process and a public trial with Iraq transfer

Military try separating Marc Hall from both his civilian legal team and his military defender by sending him to Iraq to face court martial. 09 February  2010

An open letter from Dustin Stevens
"Life is too short....Fight for what you believe" 15 January 2010

Mike Prysner, Iraq veterans, on racism in the army

24 December 2009

Army Imprisons Soldier for Singing Against Stop-Loss Policy Marc Hall was charged under Article 134 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice....the military claims he "communicated a threat" in song 08 January 2009

An open letter from André Shepherd
Our job is to get people realizing just what is happening on the ground in those countries, so that we may stop the madness that reigns there. 26 November 2009

Profile of a Deserter.  Amy joined the US army to fight a war.  She graduated from college with a degree in Biblical Studies, then decided to go to Iraq to fight for American values.  That was in 2004. 16 July 2009

Army deserter tells of his time behind bars.Robin Long, released from Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, said the hardest part of his 12 months in the brig was being away from his young son.11 July 2009

Winter Soldier Update. This is Where We Take Our Stand starts this week. Click here to watch the trailer, and on Saturday, July 11, watch Episode 1. July 6th, 2009

Iraq Veterans Against The War Newsletter. Keep the Calls Coming - We Are On The Verge Of defeating War Supplemental funding! June 17th, 2009

Some U.S. Soldiers Press for an End to the Wars. André Shepherd, 32, a U.S. soldier seeking asylum in Germany, knows what he hopes Obama will tell the wounded soldiers.  5 June 2009

Joshua Key describes soldiers' crimes 5 June 2009


Why Soldiers Rape. An alarming number of women soldiers are being sexually abused by their comrades-in-arms, both at war and at home. This fact has received a fair amount of attention lately from researchers and the press — and deservedly so. 17 April  2009

Peace Activists Arrested After Protesting US Drones in Nevada. Father Louis Vitale, legendary Bay Area social justice activist, active for more than four decades. Has racked up hundreds of arrests and more than a year in jail time for his involvement in a number of local and international causes. For twelve years he was pastor of the St. Boniface Catholic Church in San Francisco.14 April  2009

U.S. resisters' solidarity with Israeli. Statement signed by over two dozen U.S. military war resisters. Reprinted by AlterNet, Democracy Now, The Progressive, Common Dreams, Indymedia, and Daily Kos.18 December 2008

The Primacy of Healing: Politics and Combat Stress in America. "I couldn't help noticing how the political dissent of my community was facilitating my mental healing".  28 April 2009

IRR Resister declares victory after misconduct hearing - Matthis Chiroux. April 22, 2009

Iraq air raids hit mostly women and children 16 April 2009

Remembring Mexican / US Marine Jesús A. Suárez Del Solar on 6th Anniversary of his passing in Iraq Friday March 27th. 12 March 2009


Iraq Veterans Against the War invites you to a hearing in Freiburg, Germany on March 14, 2009. Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) invites you to hear the hard truth about what is really on happening on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan, day in and day out, from American, British and German veterans. 9 March 2009

GI Coffeehouse provides haven for war resisters. The milk frother screams as a couple of young soldiers in camouflaged combat uniforms peruse the lit table. All around them are the familiar surroundings of a coffeehouse: posters on the wall, tables and chairs, and shelves stuffed with used books. Yet this café, just across the street from the sprawling Ft. Lewis Army Base in Washington, is not your ordinary coffeehouse. "Support War Resisters: Iraq Veterans Against the War," reads a huge banner on the wall. 5 March 2009

March on the Pentagon 3/21, resister outlines why. If we were to ask everyone planning to travel to Washington this month to march on the Pentagon, I’m sure we would get several different answers. For many people in the United States, they will be taking to the streets to demand an end to the sixth year of war on Iraq. But that is not the entire truth—in reality, the war is nearing its 19th year. Here are a few of the reasons why I will be marching. 2 March 2009

Former Gitmo guard recalls abuse, climate of fear. Brandon Neely has ncome forward in the final year of the detention center's existence, to publicly air his feelings of guilt and shame about how soldiers behaved as the military  handled alleged al-Qaida and Taliban members  at the isolated U.S. prison base. Feb 14, 2009

National Week of Letter Writing Supporting War Resisters (March 16-23, 2009) War Resister Letter-Writing Parties provide a concrete way to show emotional support for war resisters and establish human connections between civilian support networks and troops refusing to fight. The idea is for a group of people to bring their community together to write letters and to use the occasion to build awareness and solidarity around the issue of G.I. resistance. February 12th, 2009

Resisting Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Recall Despite the recent inauguration of an “anti-war” president, the Army is currently undertaking the largest IRR recall since 2004. Over the last seven years however, thousands of IRR soldiers and Marines have questioned this "emergency" and have simply refused and ignored involuntary activation—without any real consequences February 3, 2009

More Americans Joining Military as Jobs Dwindle Recruiters report that more people are inquiring about joining the military as the US ecomony takes a further downturn. The Army has faced the toughest recruiting challenge due to high casualty rates in Iraq and long deployments overseas. Recruitment is also strong for the Army National Guard, according to Pentagon figures. January 18, 2009

Deserter's cause taken up by activists at Miramar Two dozen members of Military Families Speak Out and San Diego Veterans for Peace protested in support of Robin Long, a onetime Army private who was sentenced to 15 months behind bars and a dishonorable discharge. January 14, 2009

AWOL U.S. soldier seeks German asylum Frankfurt, Germany – André Shepherd, an AWOL (Absent Without Leave) US soldier, filed his application for German asylum. He is the first American veteran of the war in Iraq to pursue refugee status in Europe. 27 November 2008

HEMPSTEAD 15 ACQUITTED. In a remarkable reversal, the Nassau County District Attorney's Office has agreed to dismiss all charges against the Hempstead 15 following a six month adjournment in what's called an "ACD" (Adjournment to Contemplate Dismissal). 27 November 2008

Conscientious objector Tony Anderson sentenced to 14 months US Iraq war resister Tony Anderson has been sentenced to 14 months of confinement and given a dishonourable discharge from the military for "desertion with intent to avoid hazardous duty" and "disobeying a lawful order". 21 November 2008

Iraq War resister Tony Anderson sentenced to 14 months ".....I know in my heart that it is wrong to wilfully hurt or kill another human being. I simply cannot do it. I don't regret following my conscience," he said at his trial as he struggled to compose himself. "I know there must be consequences for my actions and I must accept this fact." November 20, 2008

Documentary Tells ex-Army Sergeant's Story of Pain Angie's Story'' is the latest webcast in the series ''In Their Boots,'' about the struggles of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans and their families. November 19, 2008

This Veterans Day, U.S. Soldiers Say 'Stop the War' An open letter from war resisters calls for an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. November 11, 2008

Iraq War resister Tony Anderson on trial The U.S. Army plans to court martial Pvt Tony Anderson next Tuesday, November 17 for his refusal to deploy to Iraq in July. November 11, 2008

Study: War deployments make kids more aggressive. CHICAGO (AP) ­ Preschoolers with a parent away at war were more likely to show aggression than other young children in military families, according to the first published research on how the very young react to wartime deployment. 3 November 2008

Conscientious objector Robert Weiss sentenced to seven months in U.S. military prison in Viseck, Germany. 3 November 2008Blake Ivey says "no" to Afghanistan deployment. "I believe war is the crime of our times," Blake Ivey, a specialist in the U.S. Army, said over the phone in a slow, deliberate voice.He is determined not to go, and as of our last phone call, was still actively serving on his base, weighing his options for refusal. 23 October  2008

Gone AWOL to save their lives Giovanni Roberto spoke with the families of two soldiers from Puerto Rico about their struggle with the U.S. Army. 22 October  2008

IVAW Members Arrested While Attempting to Present Questions to Obama and McCain. One hour before the final presidential debate of the 2008 campaign, fourteen members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) marched in, formation to Hofstra University to present questions for the candidates concerning the occupation of Iraq and the treatment of returning veterans. 18 October 2008


Support Rodney Watson, US refusenik in Canada
8 July 2012

Victory! for Jeremy Hinzman and family.  Federal Court of Appeal rules in favour of first U.S. Iraq War resister to seek refuge in Canada. 6 July 2010

Jeremy Hinzman hearing in Toronto "There is a infinite circle of irony and regret that speeds through my head....Jeremy knew what it was about and chose resistance". May 26, 2010

Tuesday May 25 in Toronto: rally for Jeremy Hinzman Jeremy Hinzman was the first US Iraq War resister to seek refuge in Canada because he refused to participate in the illegal and immoral Iraq war. 21 May 2010

Support Bill C-440 let US Iraq War Resisters Stay in Canada! 21 May 2010

Resister Rodney Watson in Canadian church sanctuary African-American refusenik witnessed racism and the physical abuse from US soldiers towards Iraqi civilians.
23 October 2009

Support for GI resisters in Canada at SF Consulate. 13 July 2009

Dean Walcott - Refusnik. "One night, I typed “war” and “get out” into Google and found a war resisters Web site.....I got on a Greyhound bus and came north....Now I live in Parkdale with two other resisters". 18 June 2009

Kim Rivera - Refusnik. "We crossed at the Rainbow Bridge, said we were going shopping, and the guards waved us through......When we first arrived in Canada, I still felt paranoid and unhappy—like I was back in Iraq. Now it’s our home". 18 June 2009

Patrick Hart - Refusenik. "My wife once asked my commanding officer what happens to soldiers who go AWOL. He said, “We put them on guard duty in Iraq with no ammo in their weapon, no plates in their bulletproof jacket, and just see what happens". 18 June 2009

Conscientious objector Cliff Cornell sentenced to one year in prison. 
30 April 2009

Federal Court grants Kimberly Rivera a judicial review. . . Kimberly Rivera is the first female Iraq War resister to seek refuge in Canada. 21 April 2009

The Presidio Mutineers - Lindy Blake's Great Escape.  21 April 2009

Deserters have a right to stay in Canada It is time for the Conservatives to stop making false claims, and to start respecting the will of Parliament. Iraq War resisters should be allowed to apply for permanent resident status and remain in Canada. 31 March 2009

Canadian Parliament Votes To Let War Resisters Stay Canada's House of Commons voted, for the second time in 10 months, to let Iraq War resisters live in Canada. March 30, 2009

Iraq War resister Cliff Cornell deported from Canada 10 February 2009

We may be a world away, but I love you! I understand! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I know things are hard. I want to say thank you for your righteous stand! You are amazing! Hang in there. I know things are tough. But many more like you stand by your side.

Mentally ill soldier sentenced to 8 months in stockade Daniel Sandate, a mentally ill US soldier, was deported from Canada and sentenced to 8 months in the stockade at the end of a brief court-martial at Ft. Carson, Colorado on Monday, November 17. His civilian lawyer, James Branum, describes this case below and asks that you consider making a donation to his legal defence. November 18, 2008

Prisoner of conscience Robin Long's letter to Obama "Dear President-elect Obama - My name is Robin Long. I am currently serving a 15-month sentence at a Naval brig in California. I am locked up for refusing to participate in the invasion of the sovereign nation of Iraq, a military action I felt was wrong and an action condemned by most of the international community. It was illegal and immoral." November 6, 2008

Bad News for War Resisters the re-election of Stephen Harper as prime minister of Canada was bad news . . . Harper’s gains in the election mean that he will continue to seek the deportation of U.S. military resisters as he attempts to please George Bush. 20 October, 2008

U.S. army deserter Jeremy Hinzman and his family were granted a last-minute stay of deportation Monday by a Federal Court judge while the court decides whether to hear their appeal. 22 September 2008

Amnesty International issues alert on behalf of Jeremy Hinzman On 23 September, the Canadian authorities intend to deport US serviceman Jeremy Hinzman, his wife, son and one-month-old daughter. 11 September 2008

Conscientious objector deported from Canada sentenced to 15 months imprisonment
On 15 July, the Canadian government deported U.S. war resister Robin Long. Long was sentenced on 22 August to 15 months of confinement and dishonourable discharge. 1 September 2006

Ways to support Robin Long, the first US soldier deported from Canada after refusing to go to Iraq
Please pass on this message from Courage to Resist to anyone interested in supporting Robin. Thanks!   22 July 2008

Army court-martials resister for blowing whistle on 'bait-and-kill'   Private First Class James Burmeister faces a Special Court Martial at Fort Knox on July 16. The charges are AWOL and desertion. He returned to Fort Knox voluntarily in March, after living 10 months in Canada with his spouse and infant child. He refused redeployment to Iraq while on leave in May 2007. 19 July 2008

Resister sought refuge in Ottawa but returned to U.S. earlier this year An American army deserter who took refuge in Canada before returning to the U.S. voluntarily was given a dishonourable discharge yesterday and sentenced to nine months in jail, a close supporter said. 17 July 2008

Stop deportation of war deserters Canada has long opened its doors to refugees from violence and oppression in far-off lands. But what about deserters from the armed forces of our neighbour, the United States? 17 July 2008

Canada Expels an American Deserter From the Iraq War New York Times, Mr. Long’s expulsion was somewhat unexpected. Two other American deserters received Federal Court permission this month to stay in Canada to continue their appeals. 16 July 2008

US Soldier who fled to Canada to avoid war in Iraq deported Canadian press report on the deportation of Robin Long, 16 July 2008

Successful Actions for War Resisters! Thanks to the united efforts of many folks, we succeeded in mounting actions at the Canadian Embassy and Consulates in 14 U.S. cities!  The reports from the various cities are still trickling in.  There was significant media coverage of these vigils in both the U.S. and Canada. 10 July 2008

San Francisco, 9 July Vigil & Delegation 2008

Philadelphia, 9 July demonstration to support Resisters facing deportation. 2008

Canadian Court Rules Immigration and Refugee. In a victory for US war resisters, Canada’s federal court ruled Friday that the Immigration and Refugee Board should reconsider the asylum claim of conscientious objector and Iraq war veteran Joshua Key. 7 July 2008

A former US national guardsman will learn next month whether he can remain in Canada, where he has sought refuge from military service in Iraq. The former soldier was initially ordered to leave the country by tomorrow, but his departure date was extended yesterday to July 10, after an appeal by his lawyer was approved. 20 June 2008

Canadian MPs Vote to Save US 'Deserters' A powerful, symbolic vote to keep US soldiers from being deported is a brave move. 6 June 2008

USA: James Corey Glass has right not to serve in Iraq. Amnesty International believes James Corey Glass to have a genuine conscientious objection to serving as a combatant in the US forces in Iraq, and would consider him to be a prisoner of conscience if imprisoned on his return to the USA.  He is facing deportation from Canada on 12 June. 6 June 2008  

Peace Activists to Hold Vigil at Canadian Consulate. Peace activists will hold a “Celebration Vigil” outside of the Canadian Consulate in downtown Seattle on Thursday from 12 Noon to 1 pm.  They will be celebrating the historic vote in the House of Commons on Tuesday, June 3, which calls on the Canadian government to allow U.S. war resisters to immigrate to Canada. 5 June 2008

Canada's House backs war resisters Lawmakers pass a motion urging the government to let U.S. military deserters stay. Dozens seek refugee status.  4 June 2008

Canada Lawmakers Ask Harper to Let War Resisters Stay  Canadian lawmakers passed a non-binding resolution aimed at pressuring the government to freeze deportations of U.S. soldiers who fled to Canada after refusing to fight in the war in Iraq. 3 June 2008

War Resister Corey Glass loses bid to stay in Canada He has been ordered to leave Canada by June 12. If this order is allowed to stand, Corey will be the first Iraq War resister to be deported from Canada. 21 May 2008

Police met antiwar dissent with batons and horses at the last presidential debate in New York. 17 October 2008
Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan Events October/November: Featured testimony from U.S. veterans who served, giving an accurate account of what really occurs, day in and day out, on the ground. 10 October 2008
IVAW Rally on Hofstra University Forthcoming march for questions regarding injured veterans be asked during the final U.S. presidential debate. 10 October 2008
IVAW Actions at the Republican Convention These are reports from IVAW's website about what they did at the Republican rally endorsing John McCain. 10 October 2008
IVAW actions at the Democratic convention IVAW Victory: Message Delivered at the DNC. 10 October 2008
Thousands Are Deployed. Background: the First Brigade of the Third Infantry Division, three to four thousand soldiers, has been deployed in the United States as of October 1. Their stated mission is the form of crowd control they practiced in Iraq, subduing "unruly individuals," and the management of a national emergency. 9 October 2008
US battles against veteran suicide rate. The Veterans Affairs Society has estimated that 18 veterans a day, or 6,500 a year, take their own lives. 16 July 2008
UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!  WARNING TO THE INDIGENOUS YOUTH FROM A CONCERNED ELDER Do not join the Canadian or U.S. military.  They are violating the Two Row Wampum Agreement.  Everywhere the Europeans went they put Indigenous people in the galleys of their ships.  A few would be promised some benefit if they carried out some hideous deed against their people.  Some were even freed.  But they were never free. 27 June 2008
US Army Sergeant Matthis Chiroux Refuses to Deploy to Iraq. Sergeant Matthis Chiroux served in the Army for five years, with  tours in Afghanistan, Japan, Germany and the Philippines. Last month,  Chiroux announced he would not deploy to Iraq. On Sunday, Father's Day, the deadline for him to report for active duty expired. 20 June 2008
Guantanamo: We hope that the lower courts will quickly move to hold hearings in the 200-odd pending individual habeas corpus cases where detainees are challenging their indefinite detention without charges. 12 June 2008
Winter Soldiers Hit the Streets [in Seattle]. Iraq War veteran Sergio Kochergin leads anti-war demonstration through  downtown Seattle after testifying at Regional Winter Soldier hearings. 11 June 2008
Troubled by military recruiting at Los Angeles high schools, activists are seeking equal access to students on campus to provide what they say is unvarnished information about the armed forces and information about non-military careers. 9 June 2008
ANTI-TORTURE ACTIVISTS CONVICTED - GUANTANAMO PRISON PUT ON TRIAL. Thirty-four Americans arrested at the Supreme Court on January 11, 2008 were found guilty after a three-day trial which began on Tuesday, May 27th in D.C. 29 May 2008
Legislative Working Group This is a tremendous victory for the antiwar movement. The hard work of people all around the country secured those 149 clear NO votes.
May 15, 2008
The Truth About Veteran Suicides Eighteen American war veterans kill themselves every day. One thousand former soldiers receiving care from the Department of Veterans Affairs attempt suicide every month. More veterans are committing suicide than are dying in combat overseas. Friday 09 May 2008
Matthis Chiroux announces his refusal to deploy to Iraq This occupation is unconstitutional and illegal and I hereby lawfully refuse to participate as I will surely be a party to war crimes. 15 May 2008
Washington, DC – On May 15, members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) will testify under oath before Congress about their eyewitness accounts of the military occupation of Iraq. Testifiers will include veterans who served during the surge. May 5, 2008

DOD data: More forced to stay in Army By Tom Vanden Brook The Army has accelerated its policy of involuntary extensions of duty to bolster its troop levels, despite Defense Secretary Robert Gates' order last year to limit it, Pentagon records show.  24 April 2008

VA Lying About Number of Veteran Suicides. The Veterans Administration has lied about the number of veterans who've attempted suicide, a senator charged Wednesday, citing internal e-mails that put the number at 12,000 a year when the department was publicly saying it was fewer than 800. 23 April 2008

VA Confirms 18 Vets Commit Suicide Everyday 21 April 2008

Army "Rewards" Outspoken Antiwar Soldier Some observers say Cantu's promotion shows the military is now so stressed by the ongoing war it is finding it difficult to crack down on dissent within the ranks. 15 April 2006

U.S. Army Deserter Denied Asylum In Canada The House of Commons immigration committee in December called for a halt to any deportation proceedings and to let deserters apply for permanent resident status. The Commons will likely debate and vote on the issue in the summer. 1 April 2008

Winter Soldier: Iraq Veterans Against the War
After Vietnam, American veterans testified to the atrocities they witnessed.  Now soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan are about to do the same  THE SUNDAY TIMES 2 March 2008
US military suicides reach record level
The suicide rate among US soldiers has reached its highest level since records began almost 30 years ago.
1 February 2008
Statement in support of the US “war resisters”
People of faith in Canada call on the Canadian government to allow conscientious objectors, and their immediate family members, who have refused or left military service to be able to apply for permanent residency from within Canada.  
26 January 2008
January 25-26 US - Canada actions to support war resisters
Support refuseniks seeking asylum in Canada  25 January  2008
Traumatised veterans 'have killed 120 in US' 14 January 2008
In 2005 alone there were at least 6,256 veteran suicides, 120 every week for a year and an average of 17 every day (CBS report)  13 November 2007
Dear Canada Let War Resisters Stay: sign the appeal / more information
Urgent Lobbying request: On Tuesday, November 20th, 2007, Canada's Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration (CIMM) will consider a motion in support of U.S. War Resisters staying in Canada. This motion is being brought forward by NDP Member of Parliament and Immigration Critic Olivia Chow. 20 November 2007
Canada rejects appeal by two US soldiers: Hinzman and Hugley's defense lawyer Jeffry House noted earlier this year that about 20 U.S. military personnel have applied for refugee status in Canada. He estimated as many as 200 American war resisters were hiding in Canada, waiting to see how Hinzman's case is played out before coming forward. 15 November 2007
Iraq Veterans Tell Congress “You Have Failed Us And You Have Blood On Your Hands”
We The People Are Fed Up. We The People Are Ready To Rise Up And Take Back Our Democracy.  17 September 2007
Recruiting For Iraq War Undercut in Puerto Rico  18 August 2007
Former marine Adam Kokesh rejects plea bargain - fights to protect free speech rights of Vets 30 May 2007
Active soldiers support U.S. withdrawal from Iraq For the first time since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, active-duty members of the military are asking members of Congress to end the occupation of Iraq and bring U.S. soldiers home.  27 October 2006
Soldiers in Revolt: 218 active duty troops call to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq.  25 October 2006
Hidden Draft in Our Schools. Big scandal in the Houston-area recruiting racket was Sergeant Thomas Kelt, who threatened those he was recruiting with arrest if they didn't enlist into the Army. 23 August 2006
Author expects more soldiers to refuse Iraq duty
"If we have retired generals, guys like Congressman John Murtha -- a 37-year Marine veteran, and 'grunts' (combat infantry veterans) resisting, there's no way ... that there is not going to be an increasing level of resistance in the military," 14 June 2006
Cindy Sheehan says she will return after stepping back as antiwar leader 30 May  2007

Inside the U.S. Military's Judicial System - Death Row at the "Castle"
Currently there are eight men on death row at the Castle: six African-Americans, one white, and one Asian of Filipino descent. 6 May 2006

Walkin' to New Orleans  9 February 2006
Veterans' and Survivors' March for Peace and Justice to New Orleans.

Lawyer wants Canada to let US Iraq deserters stay 9 February 2006

Two U.S. army deserters, Jeremy Hinzman and Brandon Hughey, were unfairly denied asylum in Canada partly because the refugee board would not consider the legality of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. They hope that the Federal Court will overturn this decision.

Navy Judge Finds War Protest Reasonable   13 May 2005 
Pablo Paredes wins an important victory in court.
War Resister Pablo Paredes Denied Conscientious Objector Status
At 23, I'm somebody that can't fight in a war, and at 18 I was somebody that didn't think about those things. 26 April 2005 
Civil Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center
"We want the American media to show the truth about the war, and we want the recruiters to tell potential recruits the truth about what they are getting themselves into." 18 March 2005
Seeking options to military recruiting
"Do You Know Enough to Enlist?” 16 April 2005
Antiwar Sailor Is Charged by Navy
The Navy planned to court-martial Pablo Eduardo Paredes, sailor vocal against the war.  26 March 2005
Blake Lemoine on hunger strike 
"No one is forced to join the American military, but the enlistment contract is a slave contract." 
28 March 2005
Protests stop military recruiting  - Demonstrators protest on 2nd anniversary of Iraq war       19 March 2005  In the US, 750 actions took place at Army recruitment Centres that day. . .

Sue and Abdullah Webster

Support Sue and Abdullah Webster punished for refusing to kill in Iraq   19 March 2005 
Leaflet circulated by Payday at the anti-war demonstration

URGENT ACTION USA: Prisoner of conscience: Abdullah William Webster
10 March 2005  Amnesty International call for action  
USA: Prisoner of conscience: Abdullah William Webster 
17 September 2004
His religion prohibited him from participating in any aggressive war against, or in any oppression or injustice to, Muslims or non-Muslims. 

Support US soldier Jeremy Hinzman who is seeking asylum in Canada.
Canada Denies Refugee Status for U.S. Deserter 25 March 2005
Press coverage of Jeremy Hinzman December 2004 hearing December 2004
Hinzman's hearing    December 2005 (summary)
Prime Minister Paul Martin,
16 December 2004
U.S. war objectors are seeking sanctuary in Canada: What will be their fate?, September 2004
Flight from the fight , 13 April 2004 

Kevin and wife Monica Benderman

Kevin Benderman Defense Committee
P.O. Box 2322, Hinesville, 
GA 31310, USA

Kevin and Monica Benderman
Tel: 912-369-4585

Benderman C.O. Defense Funds Pass Half-Way Point for Retaining Private Counsel  March 2005
Urgent financial support required
A Matter of Conscience
8 February 2005
Why must it be considered honorable to train young men and women to look through the sights of a high-powered rifle and to kill another human being from 300 meters away? 
Catching Flack  8 February 2005
What's gone wrong when war is glorified, and fighting for peace is seen as cowardly? 
Kevin Benderman on trial   7 February 2005

He says he has chosen to follow his conscience, not his commanders.
Sergeant Kevin Benderman charged
19 January 2005
The Army today charged Sergeant Benderman for his refusal to re-deploy sparkling a worldwide media feeding-frenzy and  elicited condemnation of Bush.
Why I refused a 2nd deployment to Iraq 12 January 2005
These are the chronological events that led me to conclude that I had no other choice than to refuse the deployment order to Iraq.

We Have Lost Our Way in Iraq  3 January 2005
I did not join the army to kill women, children, and old men.
Letters from Monica Benderman 31 December 2004
"No soldier is in Iraq by his own doing." 
"I just got back from the hospital visiting 2 soldiers"

Letter to George Bush
20 November 2004
"I did receive orders from the commander to shoot children if they threw small rocks at us and that was when I figured out that the entire thing was way over the line.
Montclair parents say no to military
Cherry's mother was furious when she found out the district was releasing her child's information without her express consent  
19 January 2005
Rancor in the U.S. Ranks
It's the mothers who are warning their kids about going to war 17 January 2005
Letter from Fernando Suarez del Solar to Pablo Paredes
You serve as a model that surely many others will follow         17 December 2004
Navy petty officer in San Diego refuses war duty
I'm going to throw my ID in the water and say that I'm no longer part of the military   6 December 2004
Deserters: We Won't Go to Iraq
The Pentagon says more than 5,500 servicemen have deserted since the war started in Iraq.
(...) Soldiers always gripe. Confronting the Defense Secretary, filing a lawsuit over extended tours and refusing to go on a mission too dangerous elevate complaining to a new level.
8 December 2004
Uncle Sam wants your kids ... now!
Moms and dads are outraged about desperate Army recruiters on a relentless campaign to sign up their teenagers. High-school kids are running away from recruiters like they were George Romero's living dead.  
7 December 2004
8 Soldiers Challenge Policy of Extending Army Duty
Eight soldiers filed a lawsuit Monday challenging a policy forcing them to serve in Iraq beyond their terms of enlistment                 
7 December 2004
Minor sanctions for U.S. troops who balked in Iraq
18 soldiers punished for refusing to go out on a transport convoy    
6 December 2004
Weapons of Self-Destruction
Those returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom are also beginning to report illnesses in significant numbers. In July 2004, the VA disclosed that 27,571 of them -16.4 percent of the total - had sought health care. Of that group, 8,134 suffered muscular and skeletal ailments; 3,505 had respiratory problems; and 5,674 had "symptoms, signs and ill-defined conditions." An additional 153 had developed cancers.   19 November 2004
We’re committing genocide in Iraq
It’s kind of hard to tell someone that they are being liberated when they just saw their child shot or lost their husband or grandmother”, says former Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, a 12-year Marine veteran.     11 November 2004
Colorado students occupy high school to protest war, Bush policies
The students told reporters they were disgusted with the Bush administration's policies, in particular, the war in Iraq, the national debt, the environment, military recruitment in the schools and the possible return of the draft.  6 November 2004
This GI Joe Won’t Go - Ex-soldier resists backdoor draft into Iraq war
You had to stab a dummy shaped like a person,” says Denofa. “I hated it. I hated it. It was like you had to stab a person.”  29 October-4 November 2004
EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION in support of soldiers who refused orders
An entire platoon of the 343rd Quartermaster Company refused to go on a "suicide mission" in Iraq.
13 October 2004
1 in 3 IRR soldiers fail to report for mobilization
About 30 percent of the 3,664 Individual Ready Reserve soldiers called to active duty failed to report for mobilization.  27 September 2004
U.S. war objectors are seeking sanctuary in Canada:
What will be their fate?

The Canadian Labour Council has endorsed their campaign, as have many prominent Canadians. September 2004
An Army Vet on Prisoner Torture in Iraq Abu Ghraib as My Lai? 
Mark Kimmitt, Deputy Director of coalition operations in Iraq, is interviewed by Dan Rather on 60 Minutes: Soldiers in the photos are now facing court-martial. My question--how common is this? 
1/3 May 2004
Flight from the fight
Two American soldiers have deserted, claiming asylum in Canada rather than serve in Iraq. They argue that the war is illegal under international law.  13 April 2004

The case of Camilo Mejia, the first soldier to refuse to return to Iraq on grounds of conscience, is rapidly becoming a touchstone for both the anti-war movement and the US military.

Camilo Mejia is out- Regaining My Humanity 17 February 2005
His case for conscientious objection rejected
20 August 2004
Statement regarding the Courageous Resister Award Sunday 8 August 2004

Payday's letter to the army
22 June 2004
Camilo ready to testify on torture   12 May 2004
The stand
    The Guardian 5 May 2004
Hans Blix and others support Camilo 
5 April 2004
Maritza Castillo, Camilo's mother, requests support 26 March 2004
Norma Castillo, Camilo's aunt, speaks out  20 March 2004
On the run again    The Guardian 19 March 2004
Absent from unit in Iraq for months, soldier turns protester and surrenders    16 March 2004

GI Denied Health Care After Speaking Out 
It appears that some of his superiors on stateside may be penalizing him for reporting his superior officer in Iraq    2 March 2004
Words from the front-lines
There are no weapons of mass destruction that we've seen. These people didn't even have an air force. ... I didn't even see an army.   February-March 2004
US soldiers accused of raping 100 colleagues
ur women soldiers sometimes have more to fear from their fellow soldiers than from the enemy  
27 February 2004
Rapes reported by servicewomen in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere
I don't get a sense of outrage by military leadership  26 February 2004
Where are Iraq's Pentagon Papers?
I urge patriotic and conscientious Americans who have access to these documents: Go to Congress and the press; tell the truth, with documents.  22 February 2004
Soldier for the Truth
Almost a billion dollars has been spent -- a billion dollars! -- by David Kay's group to search for these WMD, a total whitewash effort. They didn't find anything, they didn't expect to find anything 

20 February 2004
10% At Hospital Had Mental Problems
About 1,000 soldiers were evacuated for mental problems.  19 February 2004
The soldier who refuses to fight
Jeremy Hinzman enlisted to get an education, not to kill people. But his superiors wouldn't listen and ordered him to pack for Iraq. Instead, he packed up his family and hightailed it north. Now, Canada must decide: Can a U.S. Army deserter be considered a refugee?  7 February 2004
Dusting downer
A former soldier won a landmark ruling, becoming the first veteran to win a war pension appeal after suffering Depleted Uranium (DU) poisoning.   6 Feb 2004
Washington conceals US casualties in Iraq
Estimates on the number of US soldiers, sailors and Marines medically evacuated from Iraq by the end of 2003 range from 11,000 to 22,000.  
4 February 2004
Last refuge: 'Freedom Underground' for US Army Deserters
The French weekly magazine Le Canard Enchaine reports that 1,700 U.S. soldiers have deserted their posts in Iraq.  
   February 2004
Stress Epidemic Strikes
Military psychiatrists have been warned to expect post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to occur in 20 per cent of the servicemen and women in Iraq.    25 January 2004

Returning female GIs report rapes, poor care
Female troops serving in the Iraq war are reporting an insidious enemy in their own camps: fellow American soldiers who sexually assault them. At least 37 female service members have sought sexual-trauma counseling and other assistance from civilian rape-crisis organizations after returning from war duty in Iraq, Kuwait and other overseas stations.   15 January 2004

A Marine's view on the 'opposition party'
Did I participate in a deception that caused the deaths of innocent people for a lie?  Undated
GIs in Iraq Scoff at Re-Enlistment Bonus
Man, they can't pay me enough to stay here   7 January 2004
It shouldn't happen to a vet
Do you have low financial expectations, a vigorous desire to travel and a functioning index finger? Then the US military could be for you. 7 January 2004
Their Photos Tell the Story
2003 has been the deadliest year for the U.S. military since 1972, when 640 were killed in Vietnam 
30 December 2003
Army Stops Many Soldiers From Quitting
Chained in Iraq.    29 December 2003
Letters the troops have sent to Michael Moore
I’m writing it from the trenches of a war (that’s still going on,) not knowing why I’m here or when I’m leaving. I’ve toppled statues and vandalized portraits, while wearing an American flag on my sleeve, and struggling to learn how to understand.    19 December 2003
I'm in a major army unit getting ready to deploy
We are going over there to liberate the Iraqis souls from their bodies  17 December 2003
Why a soldier died 
Marshall came to Iraq to die for a general's carpet   15 December 2003
Son dies, father is deported
With the family still in mourning, the father of a soldier killed in Iraq is deported to Mexico as an illegal immigrant
.   11 December 2003
Soldiers' parents go to Iraq
A delegation of nine family members of US soldiers and army veterans have come to Iraq, led by the San Francisco-based human rights group Global Exchange. Most of the group oppose the occupation, while others say they simply want to see the situation for themselves. 
  8 December 2003
Sacerdote le pide a soldados desobedecer órdenes
Dice que él le pidio a los soldados que pararan "en el nombre del Dios"  
4 de diciembre 2003
I am an army wife
I wish the Bush administration would take responsibility for the damage it is causing to American families.   Undated
Priest tells soldiers to disobey orders
Dear says he told the soldiers to stop “in the name of God.”  4 December 2003
1,700 U.S. soldiers quit Iraq
One thousand and seven hundred U.S. soldiers have deserted their posts in Iraq, with many of them failing to return to military duty after getting permission to go back to the United States. 4 December 2003
Ten reasons why many Gulf war veterans oppose invading Iraq
According to VA, of the nearly 700,000 veterans who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, more than 300,000 have sought VA healthcare, and more than 200,000 have filed VA disability claims. Two weeks ago, President Bush slashed $275 million from the healthcare budget of the Department of Veterans Affairs. 
24 September 2002
Mystery pneumonia toll may be much higher
Mysterious pneumonia-like illnesses are striking U.S. troops -- including more deaths, according to soldiers and their families. 
16 September 2003 
GIs grumble about leaders
Many soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division privately express their displeasure with current policies but are reluctant to speak publicly. They say they have been told at least three different times they would be going home in just a few weeks, only to have their departure delayed. But some have spoken on US National TV criticizing the civilian decisions makers. 18 July 2003
What Dubya did during Vietnam War
Top Gun fighter pilot George W was assigned the dangerous job of protecting Houston from Vietcong air attack  9 July 2003
Wives clamour for US troops return
A colonel at Fort Stewart, who had been sent to soothe a meeting of 800 army wives, had to be escorted out of the hall under a torrent of jeers and angry questions. 
5 July 2003
We are losing this war
Within one month, it was apparent that everything he told me was true, and that every reason that was being given to the American public for the war was not true.   3 July 2003
Frustrated reservists see a mission impossible
You can put me up in a five-star hotel, and I'm not going to be here for two years.  1 July 2003
Burned Iraqi Children Turned Away 
The two Army doctors who arrived about an hour later refused to help the children because their injuries were not life-threatening and had not been inflicted by U.S. troops. 
23 June 2003
Marine gets 7 months in jail for refusing anthrax vaccine
In a random survey of 1,253 guard and reserve pilots and aircrew, the General Accounting Office found 84 percent suffered minor reactions [to the anthrax vaccine] and at least 24 percent major multiple "systemic" reactions, the latter more than 100 times higher than the estimate by the manufacturer. 
9 July 2003
US General Condemns Iraq Failures
You can't tell who is behind the latest rocket propelled grenade. It could be a father whose daughter has been killed; it could be a political leader trying to gain a following, or it could be rump Saddam. Either way, they are starting to converge. 22 June 2003
I Just Pulled the Trigger
At night time you think about all the people you killed. It just never gets off your head, none of this stuff does. There's no chance to forget it, we're still here, we've been here so long. Most people leave after combat but we haven't.   19 June 2003
The Working Class on the War Front and the Home Front
On March 20, the Congress overwhelmingly passed a resolution to "express the gratitude of the Nation to all members of the United States Armed Forces." Then, early the next morning, the House of Representatives voted to cut funding for veterans' health care and benefit programs by nearly $25 billion over the next ten years.   May/June 2003
US troops' anguish: Killing outmatched foes
"For lack of a better word, I feel almost guilty about the massacre," says one soldier privately. "We wasted a lot of people. It makes you wonder how many were innocent. It takes away some of the pride. We won, but at what cost?"  
11 April 2003
US Soldiers Could Be Facing War Crimes Charges
Charges have been brought in a Belgium Court against General Franks and unnamed soldiers under his command. The charges have been brought by Iraqi victims and their relatives.  The plaintiffs have been seriously injured or have lost relatives as the result of:
- the use of cluster bombs
- attacks on the civilian population including journalists

- acts of aggression against health services and other Iraqi infrastructure
- looting protected by or under orders from the U.S. army.  
2 June 2003
Army Orders Troops to Seize TV Station in Northwest Iraq
During the two-hour meeting last night, the head of the Army public-affairs office in Mosul, Maj. Charmaine Means, said she could not agree to seizing the station and posting troops there. She argued that the presence of armed soldiers would intimidate the station's Arab employees into airing only programming produced by, or acceptable to, the American military. 
8 May 2003
How many more must die  
Before America demands the return of the men and women whose job it is to protect them?  
24 August 2003
Bring the troops home now - End the occupation of Iraq
Be it further
RESOLVED: that San Francisco Labor Council endorse the October 25, 2003 International March on Washington, D.C. behind the banner: Bring the Troops Home Now -End the Occupation of Iraq -Repeal the Patriot Act -Money for Human Needs, not for War and Empire. 
   28 July 2003
Guard, Reserve short on recruits
The nation’s largest auxiliary forces — the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve — are beginning to have trouble meeting their recruiting targets. As of April 30, the Guard was nearly 6,000 recruits short of where it needed to be on that date to meet its Sept. 30 target of enlisting 62,000 soldiers, Pentagon statistics show.  
10 June 2003
Morale Lags For Some U.S. Troops In Iraq
"Those who did the killing should not be the ones keeping the peace," said one soldier, who asked to remain anonymous. "They need to send us home."
29 May 2003
US military now turning its back on deserters
Soldiers are usually classified as deserters when they have been absent without leave for 30 days and show no intention of returning. Last year 3,800 Army soldiers deserted, meaning that the Army's desertion rate was one-sixth of what it was during the Vietnam War, when it totaled 5 percent of the rolls. 
27 May 2003
A Genuine "Support Our Troops" Resolution
"Be it Therefore Resolved that the U.S. Congress calls for the immediate return of U.S. troops to the U.S."  -
United for Peace and Justice and Code Pink.   24 March 2003
Dissent on the home front: families of US soldiers in Iraq lead anti-war protests
Poor conditions and low morale among troops have produced an undercurrent of dissent among US military families
. We received more than 70 emails and phone calls from relatives, all but two were negative - about the treatment of soldiers, the reasons for the Iraq war, the pain of family separation and the insensitivity of the military bureaucracy.    25 October 2003
Military Wife Rebuked for E-Mail
A campaign to raise awareness of the need for the [3rd Infantry Division] to return.  
26 July  2003
What about going home
"You call Donald Rumsfeld and tell him our sorry asses are ready to go home," Pfc. Matthew C. O'Dell, an infantryman in Sergeant Betancourt's platoon, said as he stood guard on Tuesday. "Tell him to come spend a night in our building."   15 June 2003
Reservists pay steep price for service
Thousands of citizen soldiers charged with rebuilding Iraq face an even more daunting prospect when they return home: repairing the damage to their careers and personal finances.   8 June 2003
Our children will die
This is not some abstract war that they are talking about. Our sons and daughters will die, as will so many others.
April 2003
A Colonel Runs
The army wives, normally a bulwark of stoicism, staged a near-mutiny. A colonel at Fort Stewart, who had been sent to soothe a meeting of 800 of them, had to be escorted out of the hall under a torrent of jeers and angry questions.  
5 July 2003
Bring Them Home Now!
So we are going to give troops, their families, and critical veterans a voice. That's the reason-for-being of "Bring Them Home Now!"
  26 July 2003
They spend billions of dollars in war and can’t spend a dollar on a child
40% of the US Army is Black and 60% of the US Marines are Latino.  One in 12 young Black men are in prison.  Should these be the only choices?
16 April 2003
A Passion For Peace, Forged in War
If they tell you you should go There is one thing you should know They wave the flag when you attack When you come home they turn their back.  2 March 2003
Bring Them Home Now!
We parents -- many of us -- know that our enemies are not in Iraq. Our enemies are in office, and they have
the blood of children –some  of them ours --on their hands. Everyone is someone's child, even when they are grown. Even when they take paths we don't approve of.
Even when they become soldiers, and are sent to pay for lies with their bodies and hearts and the blood of others.    26 July 2003
What US Soldiers Think
At night time you think about all the people you killed. It just never gets off your head, none of this stuff does    19 June 2003
In Iraq, U.S. Troops Are Still Dying -- One Almost Every Day
The family of Army Spc. Rasheed Sahib, 22, of Brooklyn is particularly suspicious of the military's explanation of his death. According to the Pentagon, Sahib and another soldier were cleaning their weapons when the other soldier's weapon accidentally fired on May 18 in Balad, Iraq. The round hit Sahib in the chest.   
26 May 2003
A US Major refuses to obey orders 
Maj. Charmaine Means, said she could not agree to seizing the station and posting troops there. She argued that the presence of armed soldiers would intimidate the station's Arab employees into airing only programming produced by, or acceptable to, the American military.   
8 May 2003
The Working Class on the War Front and the Home Front
On March 20, the Congress overwhelmingly passed a resolution to "express the gratitude of the Nation to all members of the United States Armed Forces." Then, early the next
morning, the House of Representatives voted to cut funding for veterans' health care and benefit programs by nearly $25 billion over the next ten years.    
May/June 2003
Ghanim Khalil, Army Reserve
Will I support a war which will lead to hundreds of thousands civilians dead and wounded, endanger the future of the American people, and create chaos in the already unstable Middle East - all for the gain of a few powerful and wealthy people?     February/March 2003
Troops start trend with sperm banks
"Most of the time, it's the wife or girlfriend who gives us the call," he says. "They want to bank the sperm before the smallpox and anthrax vaccinations. And they're concerned because they've heard stories of men coming back from the Gulf and not being 100%, whether due to the vaccinations or to chemical and biological agents they were exposed to."    26 January 2003
Parents of soldiers in the Gulf want a delay
Nancy Lessin, one of founders of Military Families Speak Out has a stepson, Joe, in the marines.  She is a union activist from Jamaica Plain near Boston, Massachusetts who was previously active in opposing the Vietnam War. “If Iraq's main export was olive oil, we wouldn't be facing the possibility of war.  This war isn't worth the life of one American soldier.”    17 January 2003
US soldier mother speaks out for peace
Dear Mr. Bush, This is my son Tim. You have been referring to him as "military force." […] I want you to be continually mindful of the fact that your "military force" has a mother and two sisters that want you to value his life as we do.  Not only do you have the future of our nation to decide, you have my son's future in your hands.
    April 2003
US sergeant in custody after grenade attack at US base
An American army sergeant was in custody yesterday after one soldier died and at least 12 were injured in a grenade attack on a US command Centre in Kuwait. . . . The phenomenon of soldiers deliberately attacking those on the same side became known as "fragging" during the Vietnam war, because fragmentation grenades were often used. The attacks were often sparked by confrontations involving racism.    23 March  2003
A duty to disobey all unlawful orders
Under the Nuremberg Principles, you have an obligation NOT to follow the orders of leaders who are preparing crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.   
27 February 2003