GI Coffehouse West Coast Tout

By Meike Capps-Schubert, 9 March 2014, Everett/Kaiserslautern

Dear Military Counseling Network e.V. & The Clearing Barrel friends and supporters, 

1. After nearly three weeks on the road, the GI Coffeehouse West Coast Tour has finished its journey! I at The Clearing Barrel had the honor of joining our sister organizations, Coffee Strong (Lakewood, Washington) and the Under The Hood (Killeen Texas), on a trip that took us from San Diego to Seattle.

During the tour, our crew of GI coffeehouse leaders took part in an art performance, sang along to freedom songs, did street outreach with free coffee, collaborated with antimilitarist youth organizers and prison abolitionists, chanted in a protest against drone warfare, and provided resources and support to local veterans and their families. 


We stopped in over a dozen cities to present the voices of soldiers, veterans, and military families and share our work to challenge war and militarism from within the military and veteran community.


To read about our journey, check out our tour blog at


Couldn't join us for the tour? Make a tax-deductible donation online to show support for Under The Hood, Coffee Strong, and The Clearing Barrel or by mail with a check made out to "GI Voice" with "GI Coffeehouse Tour" in the memo line. Mail to: Coffee Strong, 15107 Union Ave SW Lakewood, WA 98498.


We need your support more now than ever. Our daily work relies on the generous support of our wider coffeehouse community throughout the US and Europe. Thank you for your help in making this groundbreaking tour a success!  


The GI Coffeehouse Tour was supported by Veterans For Peace, War Resisters League, Iraq Veterans Against the War, March Forward, The Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers Guild, The Center For Conscience in Action, The Center on Conscience and War, Civilian Soldier Alliance, Catalyst Project, GI Rights Network, and Courage to Resist.

2/3 of my travel expenses were donated by DFG-VK, Americans Against War France, American Voices Abroad Berlin, Munich American Peace Committee and several individual donors THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT !



Sincerely, Meike Capps-Schubert


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