EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION in support of soldiers who refused orders

Support the Right to Refuse!

Rally in support of members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company who refused orders to go on a suicide mission.

Saturday, 2 pm Times Sq. Recruiting Station

On Wednesday, October 13, an entire platoon refused to go on what they called a "suicide mission" in Iraq.

It is vitally important for the antiwar movement to support members of the military who take a stand.

These soldiers have been placed in danger by the policies of the U.S. government that have created a climate of hatred throughout the Arab and Muslim world.  The illegal war against Iraq, the support for the brutalization of the Palestinian people, the bombing of civilians in Fallujah and throughout Iraq, and the torture chambers at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere have engendered a justifiable outrage throughout the region.

The Pentagon and the brass have repeatedly demonstrated their disregard for human life by brutalizing and murdering Iraqi people and by their callous disregard for the safety and well being of their own troops.  Pentagon officials and the officer corps view front-line troops, drawn largely from poor and oppressed communities, as expendable, in the same way they view the Iraqi people as less than human.

The war in Iraq is illegal.  Therefore, every shot fired, every bomb dropped, every act that supports the war and occupation is also a crime.  Soldiers are obligated under International Law not to participate in war crimes. Resistance and refusal is not only justified, it is an obligation.  We support the decision by these soldiers to refuse orders and we call upon others to also take action to stop the war.

 Join us to demand:

*The immediate release and return home of all of the soldiers who refused the suicide mission.

  *That all charges against them be dropped.

  Come out and support the right to resist an unjust and illegal war.

  for more information: 212-633-6646 Called by SNAFU/Workers World Party in New York.