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Greece: No to equality in Military 29 Dec 2015

Greek conscripts won't fight migrants 27 Oct 2015
Migrants released from Amygdaleza Detention in Athens 2 March 2015

EBCO statement on Greek refuseniks “We strongly condemn the Greek practice of criminalisation of conscientious objection and....expect Greece to move ahead in order to meet international standards, not stay behind. It’s unacceptable that Greek citizens have to.....face prison sentences because of their conscience” 8 February 2011

EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT PARLIAMENTARY QUESTIONS How can the European Commission protect European citizens who declare themselves as conscientious objectors against discrimination and prosecution? 2 February 2011
GREECE: Women's, conscientious objectors’ and other anti-war groups target the military budget
9 May 2010
Lazaros trial. The Appeal Military Court of Athens (second degree court) sentenced on March 31st 2009 46-year-old conscientious objector Lazaros Petromelidis to a 18 months in prison, deeming him guilty on two charges of insubordination. 12 May 2009

No more military armaments, no more hand grenades. Tuesday 24 February, at around 10 pm, and while there was in full progress an open meeting against the new armaments plan, hosted by the Greek Association of Conscientious Objectors, an unknown person threw a hand grenade at the building that the meeting was taking place - the Migrants’ House at 13A Tsamadou Street in Exarchia - and then run away. 25 February 2009

Demonstration in Istanbul for COs from Turkey & Greece

A letter by Babis Akrivopoulos  I would like to give you a follow-up on my trial today at the court martial of Peiraious. As you know I was not present there, having refused to be tried by a court martial.15 Apr 2008 

Babis Akrivopoulos on trial for “insubordination''. As a pacifist and a conscientious objector I do not acknowledge any crime of “insubordination” neither during “peace”, nor “war”, nor at any other time for that matter. I do not want to offer unpaid work to the state in the form of a military service 9 April 2008

Report of the event CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION: HUMAN RIGHT OR MOVING TARGET; From Greece and Balkans to Europe and the entire world, Athens, 14 May 2007

NEITHER EXECUTIONERS NOR VICTIMS: We began a struggle, in the mid-'80s, so that the possibility to refuse military service for reasons of conscience would be recognized in Greece, too. May 2006
The first Greek professional soldier refuses to fight
Acting on the basis of my conscience, I refuse to take part or contribute by any means in the relentless slaughter of the Iraqi people. I refuse to take part in a war that is not ended, as even now after its official end people and among them many children are being killed.
10 May 2003
Declaration of Greek conscripts against war
We will refuse to participate in any way in the military operations against Iraq and in any kind of occupational force after the war with or without the approval of the un security council.
9 April 2003
Greek conscripts: “we won't fight for their interests.”
WE DEMAND: No Greek participation or involvement in the imperialistic wars and interventions. We won't fight for their interests.  All Greek troops must return immediately from Bosnia and Kosovo. No Greek soldiers outside the border.  No to the mercenary army. 12-month duty for everybody. Better and more human duty. Increase of leaves and free time of conscripts.

27 November 2001
Greek conscientious objector on trial 18 September
Lazaros Petromelides applied for the status of conscientious objector in 1998. He was accepted, and called up for a substitute service 7.5 times longer than the military service he would have had to serve. As a conscientious objector, the length of his substitute service was based on the full time of military service, although he only would have had to serve 4 months instead of 18 months due to his age and the fact that he is the father of a child.
14 August 2003

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