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British army recruiting nazis 12 Sep 2017
Armed Forces Day anti-recruitment 3 July 2016 
Video Vets for Peace Don't join the army!
3 July 2016

New website Don't join the army 22 June 2016

UK military must stop recruiting children 29 June 2015

Launch of documentary against recruitement 23 June 2014
National Service Bill stopped 15 May 2014
Ben Griffin (Veterans For Peace UK) speaks out against fighting for Queen & Country
25 November 2013
SF Queer Strike NO to military recruiters at Pride 19 November 2013
No to recruitment of 16 year olds in the UK 28 October 2013
UK Anti-recruitment news by Forces Watch 3 October 2013
 28% of Black people would go to jail instead of joining the army 21 September 2013
Protest NAACP Inclusion of Military Recruiters @ 2009 Convention "Just because we have a president who is African-American, we cannot be sucked into the sugar-coated hypocrisy that the United States is spreading democracy and freedom to the Middle East by murdering, bombing, torturing and terrorizing the countries and the people who live there. For instance, since Obama became president US air strikes have killed hundreds of Afghani and Pakistani civilians, including women and children". 6 July 2009

Anti-militarists disrupt careers fair. Sheffield students today targeted military recruiters and arms dealers at the University’s careers fair, demanding they have a say over who is allowed on campus. The stalls of QinetiQ, Rolls Royce, the Army and the Navy were all dismantled with protesters bagging up materials from the stalls and removing them from campus. 29 April 2009  

Demilitarize California schools Defeating AB 351 is key to winning the fight to get the military out of our schools. Please communicate immediately with your Assembly representative. Let them know that you expect them to oppose AB 351. This bill could be voted on at any time, so the time to ACT is NOW. April 12 2009
JROTC battle moves to Sacramento Two bills have been introduced in an attempt to turn the tide in the Pentagon's favour for recruitment in schools. We need your help to defeat these bills, and to win the battle in San Francisco 29 Mar 2009
SOAS students in London ban military from the campus A motion passed yesterday by the student union opposes all military presence on campus. It stands for the next five years. February 25th, 2009
CUT JROTC Now! Sign the Petition A campaign created to eliminate the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps) program in Los Angeles Unified School District. 4 December 2008
Stopping the War Machine: Military Recruiters Must Be Confronted by Ron Kovic.  The days of deceiving, manipulating and victimizing our young people are over. We have had enough, and I strongly encourage all of you to use every means of creative, nonviolent civil disobedience to stop military recruitment all across our country. 28 May 2008
Keep recruiters off campus, says UCU College managers are increasingly inviting military recruiters onto campuses to glamorise violent role models and glorify weapons of war, despite a recent Joseph Rowntree Trust report highlighting the "ethical shortcomings" of military recruitment, it said.  28 May 2008
The military: your kids are next Peace campaigners & teaching unions attacked government plans to militarise Britain 19 May 2008
San Francisco made history when the school board made this the first big city in the nation to ban JROTC [Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps].14 May  2008
The possibility that New Labour may "expand military cadet corps in English secondary schools" (Report, April 7) is deeply depressing.16 April 2008
SDS Group Banned After Ruckus at Dead Prez Concert A police car was overturned during a ruckus with local and campus police following a hiphop concert by the group Dead Prez at Evergreen Sate College in Olympia WA. April 21, 2008
Defend the Rutgers 3 hundreds of Rutgers students and supporters participated in the Rutgers Walkout against the U.S. occupation of Iraq. 27 March 2008

Teachers to ban armed forces from classrooms Army recruitment campaigns will be stopped March 26,2008

Students have voted to ban all military personnel including cadets from a leading London university 7 March 2008
Recruiting For Iraq War Undercut in Puerto Rico August 18, 2007
An Open Letter to Latino and Latina students and all leaders of immigrant rights organizations by Fernando Suárez Del Solar, August 5, 2007
Students organize against military recruitment 6 June 2007
Civil Resisters Shut Down Recruitment Center "We want the American media to show the truth about the war, and we want the recruiters to tell potential recruits the truth about what they are getting themselves into." 18 March 2005
To settle NYCLU lawsuit, Defense Department reforms student military recruiting database January 9, 2007
School board votes to dump JROTC program 15 November 2006
Hidden Draft in Our Schools Big scandal in the Houston-area recruiting racket was Sergeant Thomas Kelt, who threatened those he was recruiting with arrest if they didn't enlist into the Army. 23 August 2006
'Stop the poverty draft,' says Cindy Sheehan April 2006
Did you know that Bush's "No Child Left Behind Act" requires schools to give students' home phone numbers & addresses to the military and that you have the right to Opt Out - refuse to have the school release that info? 23 May 2005
Army recruiter in Florida charged with rape 15 May 2005
Montclair parents say no to military 19 January 2005

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