Students organize against military recruitment
by Chuck U. Rosina 06 June 2007

Last Friday, about 50 people, mostly High School students from Roxbury and Dorchester, gathered outside Government Center for a unique anti-war rally. They had organized in their schools, and collected over 1,300 signed opt-out of military recruitment forms, and were delivering them to the Boston Public School Superintendent. Working under the name of  “Greater Boston Students for Peace, this coalition of students and youth workers oppose the war in Iraq.

The students stood in a large U-shape formation carrying many signs and placards, some of which read: "Over 1,000 Boston Public School Students Say No to Military Recruiters, Money for Schools, Not for War – Greater Boston Students for Peace, Just Say No to Bushes War." State Representative Byron Rushing was the only elected official to make a public appearance with the students.

After the rally, the students went to Court St, home of the Boston School Committee, to deliver their 1300 signed cards to the Superintendents office. That office will be filled by Manuel Rivera come this July. Students plan to continue organizing in their schools until opt-in becomes the norm, rather then opting out of military recruitment.

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