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Guernica by Pablo Picasso, 1937

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The Presidio Mutineers - Lindy Blake's Great Escape.  21 April 2009
Breaking the Silence of the Night
You’ve been taught to follow orders, to obey and not question, to go along with the program and do exactly what you’re told.  
10 October 2006
Sir No Sir!
Documentary on Vietnam War refuseniks   12 May 2006
An Army Vet on Prisoner Torture in Iraq Abu Ghraib as My Lai? 
Mark Kimmitt, Deputy Director of coalition operations in Iraq, is interviewed by Dan Rather on 60 Minutes: Soldiers in the photos are now facing court-martial. My question--how common is this?  
1/3 May 2004
On the run again
During the Vietnam war, I hid
deserters and watched it unravel as the GI movement grew. Iraq could go the same way   19 March 2004

Where are Iraq's Pentagon Papers?
I urge patriotic and conscientious Americans who have access to these documents: Go to Congress and the press; tell the truth, with documents.  22 February 2004

Hold On to Your Humanity - An Open Letter to GIs in Iraq
I changed over there in Vietnam and they were not nice changes either. I started getting pulled into something -- something that craved other people's pain.
14 November 2003
We are losing this war
Within one month, it was apparent that everything he told me was true, and that every reason that was being given to the American public for the war was not true.  3 July 2003
A Mixed Reception for Black Soldiers
Here I was fresh back from Vietnam and I was still treated no better because I was a Black GI. 
 23 May 2003
Supporting the troops?
We didn't join the Marines for love of country. We joined to get out of the house, out of the city, off the farm, into a job, and because we were 18 and believed we were indestructible.
8 April 2003
A Passion For Peace, Forged in War
If they tell you you should go There is one thing you should know They wave the flag when you attack When you come home they turn their back.  2 March 2003
Harass the brass!  Mutiny, fragging and desertions in the U.S. military
An history of resistance and rebellion in the ranks of the U.S. military during the Vietnam war.  2001
Vietnam War Veterans street theatre
Before they turn your son into a butcher or a corpse   
4-7 September 1970 
Fighting the draft
In addition, one part of the physical was filling out the security form to make sure you were not a security risk to the United States.  My mother assured me that the organization that my step father had founded and that both she and he were members of would be on the security list and we concluded that with a strong statement calling for world revolution and the forcible overthrow of the US government, the chances of my getting drafted would be small.
A Black man fights the draft
I told them that I was a conscientious objector, and they told me that I wasn't. They refused to help me, the Friends Peace Committee, the whole Quaker community, there was no white group that helped me. In fact it was the civil rights movement that became a support mechanism for me.  2003
Statements by Muhammad Ali, 1967
"I am not going ten thousand miles from home to help murder and burn a poor

''If I thought going to war would bring freedom and equality to twenty-two million of my people, they wouldn’t have to draft me.  I’d join tomorrow.'' 
A little bit of help, for some
Between 1961 and 1971, US military forces dropped about 72 million liters of herbicidal agents on the Republic of Vietnam, including more than 45 million liters of dioxin-contaminated Agent Orange. 
11 July 2003