Tuesday, 27 November 2001

The Greek government is taking part in the ongoing war. It haw given USA and NATO unlimited access to the Greek air and naval bases. It has already sent a battle ship to the Persian Gulf and 300 more soldiers to KFOR in Kosovo. But there are Greek soldiers that resist its policy. Conscripts from 26 military camps signed the appeal of "DIKTIO SPARTAKOS" requesting the immediate ending of war and the Greek participation in it.

AN INITIATIVE OF "DIKTIO SPARTAKOS" The situation established in the society but also inside the military camps after the recent developments, has alarmed all conscripts. Government and military officials talk about one's "holy duty" to serve and defend its country. They are telling us about a better military duty they are creating for us. All of us though, witness a different reality in an army that is changing all the time, as the Ministry of National Defense propagandizes. But towards which direction is it changing and against whom is it targeting? More and more we see that this army is now defending the "national interests" in Kosovo and Bosnia and tomorrow it will -perhaps- defend them in Afghanistan or elsewhere, hand in hand with the NATO killers.

We are greatly concerned by the active participation of Greece in the new imperialistic wars launched by NATO, USA, EU and the governments related, aiming at terrorizing nations submitting them to their interests. The Greek government haw already given NATO and USA permission to use Greek air bases for the needs of the Afghanistan war. Now it is preparing to create a volunteer-marines expeditionary unit (with conscripts and regular troops), which will be used in the military campaign. Simultaneously, it intends to increase the military presence of Greece in the Balkans by making the participation of conscripts and regular in the missions outside the country obligatory. We are also worried about the effort they made to create a new mercenaries army that will be able to participate in the international imperialistic interventions, but it will also be able to be "used" by the government domestically when "the economic or social life is being threatened"!

This "ready to fight" army transforms the young people's military obligation into a really dangerous period of their lives. The endless running, the exercises, the fewer leaves are conscripts' every day life. This situation leads to the increase of accidents, suicides and drug uses inside the barracks.


No Greek participation or involvement in the imperialistic wars and interventions. We won't fight for their interests. All Greek troops must return immediately from Bosnia and Kosovo. No Greek soldiers outside the border. No to the mercenaries army. 12 months duty for everybody. Better and more human duty. Increase of leafs and free time of conscripts.



Refusing to kill