Help end the war by supporting the troops who have refused to fight it

Action more urgent after Canada court denial 


Please sign the appeal online


To sign the appeal or for more information:



"I am writing from the United States to ask you to make a provision for sanctuary for the scores of U.S. military service members currently in Canada, most of whom have traveled to your country in order to resist fighting in the Iraq War. Please let them stay in Canada..."


Courage to Resist volunteers will send this letter on your behalf to three key Canadian officials—Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley, and Stéphane Dion, Liberal Party—via international first class mail.


Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada declined to hear an appeal from our war resisters. Supporters in Canada immediately staged protests in six cities and announced plans to ramp up pressure for a political solution, focusing on a forthcoming debate in the Canadian Parliament. By adding our voices now to this debate already underway in Canada, our actions could make the difference between sanctuary and deportation for war resisters.


In collaboration with War Resisters Support Campaign (Canada), this effort comes at a critical juncture in the international campaign for asylum for U.S. war resisters in Canada.


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