Invitation to Our Mailing List/GI-Café-Germany

9 June 2011

To Everybody that has received this email,

We have probably met or been in contact at some point before, my name is Chris Capps-Schubert. I´m an Iraq vet living in Germany. Some of you may have received emails regarding our project already, and I apologize for the redundancy.

First off to everybody who wasn´t aware beforehand, I would like to inform you of the project that I have been undertaking over the past several months. My wife Meike and I have been fundraising, and making plans to move to Kaiserslautern (the largest US military community overseas) and set up a GI Café in a similar vein to Under the Hood Café at Ft. Hood, or Coffee Strong at Ft. Lewis.

We have been successful with our project thus far, and will be moving to Kaiserslautern within the next few weeks to choose a property and open up the Café. There will than be news to regularly update people with, and we will be using our email list as the primary vehicle to keep in contact with interested people and supporters.

If you fall into the category of either an interested person or supporter, than please check our website:

and sign up for our email list (in the upper right hand corner of the website).

If you would like to support our project make sure to donate, there is a paypal link and a link here to donate with:

Our project has relied upon the donations of individuals in order to get us this far, every donation will make it easier to keep the doors open after our grand opening.

Thank you for your time,

Chris Capps-Schubert