Ways to support Robin Long, the first US soldier deported from Canada after refusing to go to Iraq

Please pass this message from Courage to Resist on to folks who might be interested in supporting Robin. Thanks!

Dear Friends.

We hope that you can help us spread the below info far and wide in support of Robin Long. Robin has retained the services of attorney James Branum out of Oklahoma. James Branum is the interim co-chair of the NLG's Military Law Task Force and has handled well over a hundred Army AWOL cases in the last few years. Branum will be traveling to Colorado Springs in the next couple of days to visit Robin in person to review the case, options, strategy, etc. This is good, but it also means that expenses are starting to accumulate. I'm confident that collectively we can provide Robin the support that he needs and deserves. - Jeff for Courage to Resist

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Support Robin Long!

On July 15, 2008 U.S. Army PFC Robin Long became the first war resister since the Vietnam War forced to leave Canada and turned over to the U.S.

military. He has been returned to his last unit at Fort Carson, Colorado.

His military pre-trial confinement has been outsourced to the local county jail. He will likely be court martialed for AWOL, desertion, and possibly speech-related violations of military discipline. Support Robin Long and all troops with the courage to resist!

1. Donate to Robin's legal expenses

2. Send Robin letters of support

3. Send Robin commissary money

4. Send Robin a book

5. Sign the public statement of support - coming soon!

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1. Donate to Robin legal's expenses

Online: http://couragetoresist.org/robinlong

By mail: Make checks out to "Courage to Resist / IHC" and note "Robin Long"

in the memo field. Mail to Courage to Resist, 484 Lake Park Ave #41, Oakland CA 94610

Courage to Resist is committed to covering Robin's legal and related defense expenses. Thank you for helping make that possible.

Also: You are also welcome to contribute directly to Robin's legal expenses via his civilian lawyer James Branum. Visit girightslawyer.com, select PayPal, and in the comments field note "Robin Long". Note that this type of donation is not tax-deductible.

2. Send letter's of support to Robin

Robin Long, CJC; 2739 East Las Vegas; Colorado Springs CO 80906

Robin's pre-trial confinement has been outsourced by Fort Carson military authorities to the local county jail.

Robin is allowed to receive hand-written or typed letters. To help ensure that he receives them, do not include drawings, stickers, copied photos or print articles. Robin cannot receive packages of any type (with the book exception as described below).

3. Send Robin a money order for commissary items


Anything Robin gets (toothbrush, shirts, paper, stamps, snacks, supplements, etc.) must be ordered through the commissary. Each inmate has an account to which friends may make deposits. To do so, a money order in US funds must be sent made out to "Robin Long, EPSO", along with the sender's name. Mail to the address above.

4. Send Robin a book

Robin is allowed to receive books which are ordered online and sent directly to him at the county jail from Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble (bn.com).

These two companies know the procedure to follow for delivering books for inmates.

5. Public statement of support

Coming soon - sign the public statement in support of Robin Long and all war resisters.

James Matthew Branum
Office phone: 866-933-ARMY (2769)
Cell phone: 405-476-5620
Mailing address: RR 1 Box 525, Fort Cobb, OK 73038