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Justice for Kevan Thakrar


UK Campaigning against solitary confinement

and abuse in prisons



Report of our Protest at the RCP 30 July  2021

Photos of our Protest at the RCP 28 June  2021

Join our Protest at the RCP and Tweet 28 June  2021

Protest at the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCP) covering for abuse  28 June  2021

Video by Prisoner Solidarity Network about Kevan's conviction under Joint Enterprise and his detention in Close Supervision Centre 
17 May 2021

Follow-up to our webinar Confinement 15 May 2021

Watch the webinar Solitary Confinement is a Crime 12 May 2021

Alarm on CSCs raised by UN Rapporteur on torture 10 May 2021

Solitary Confinement in The Prisma 10 May 2021

Article in Morning Star on Solitary Confinement 10 May 2021

Camden New Journal letter Prisoners in 'solitary' 6 May 2021

Kevan moved to Segregation unit - Action Alert12 April 2021

RCP - CSC campaign update: Mumia signs, letter delivered 14 Dec 2020

Press release Almost 60 organisations demand that RCP stop endorsing cruel and inhumane prison segregation units 7 Dec 2020

Delivery of our Open Letter to the Royal College of Psychiatrists  7 Dec 2020

Letter to Royal College of Psychiatrists 30 Oct 2020

Psychiatrists Are Covering for Cruelty in Prisons. A Group of Campaigners Wants to Stop Them  Novara Media 9 Nov 2020


Thakrar: Protest at Royal College of Psychiatrists 9 March 2020

Thakrar: 8 years in isolation write to your MP 29 Oct 2018

Protest called by Kevin Thakrar solitary confinement in the UK 18 November 2016

Support Kevin Thakrar Protest solitary confinement 21 July 2016

Kevan Thakrar: Protest the Prison Service HQ 18 Feb 2016

Protest for Kevan Thakrar 16 February 2015

Justice for Kevan Thakrar - General leaflet  Download PDF


More information: Justice for Kevan Thakrar Website and Facebook 


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