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The Royal College of Psychiatrists have given their “Enabling Environments” award to prison Close Supervision Centres (CSCs) – segregation units where prisoners are often held in solitary confinement, locked in their cell 22 or more hours per day for months or years with no independent right of appeal.

·        More than 15 days in solitary is considered torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, under the UN Nelson Mandela rules.

·        CSCs are racist institutions in which approximately 50% of prisoners are Muslim, despite Muslims being only 5% of the UK population.

This complicity must stop now. Despite protests and an open letter signed by over 60 organisations and many prominent individuals Dr. Adrian James, RCP president has responded with platitudes about “equality and diversity”.

We have to disrupt the RCP’s work until this professional body stops covering up for institutional racism and abuse. We’ll make noise and make ourselves heard on behalf of all the prisoners who have no voice outside prison walls. Bring something to make a lot of noise!


If you can’t join the protest, tweet at RCP president Adrian James @DrAdrianJames and Royal College of Psychiatrists @rcpsych to demand they stop covering up for abuse of prisoners.


Prisoners say: in Close Supervisions Centres they are in their cell up to 24h/day, fed through a hatch, as guards are allowed to attack them with impunity, isolated from family and outside support. @rcpsych listen to prisoners & Stop supporting CSCs & #SolitaryConfinement NOW!


Prisoners say Close Supervisions Centres are experiments to break prisoners psychologically; that’s why a disproportionate number of its inmates are heavily medicated. Why is @rcpsych supporting CSCs? @DrAdrianJames Stop supporting #SolitaryConfinement NOW!


Royal College of Psychiatrists says it opposes all forms of prejudice, yet 50% of CSCs prisoners are Muslim (Muslims are 5% of UK population). @rcpsych stop supporting this racist institution @DrAdrianJames stop supporting #SolitaryConfinement NOW!


Prisons receive £100k per CSC bed, 3 times more than a regular prison bed, it’s a financial incentive for sending prisoners to CSCs. Solitary confinement is a lucrative crime. @rcpsych Stop supporting prison profiteering. @DrAdrianJames Stop supporting #SolitaryConfinement NOW!


·        See press coverage: Psychiatrists are covering up for abuse in prisons and Campaigners demand end to ‘cruel and inhumane’ prison segregation units

·        See webinar Solitary Confinement is a Crime with international speakers including survivors of solitary confinement.

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