Refusing to kill is not a crime

Stop persecuting conscientious objectors and refusers

International Day of Action, Tuesday 5 June 2007

Greece: Protest - Syntagma Square, Athens, 4 June, 7pm 
European Parliament building, Dublin, 5 June, 4.30-6pm
: Leafleting - Ponte della Stazione, Venice, 5 June,11-12 noon
Spain: Letter campaign to Council of Europe representatives, Barcelona

UK: Picket - Parliament Square, London 5 June, 12-2pm
US:  Armed Forces Recruitment Center
(Broad & Cherry Sts.), Philadelphia,5 June, 121pm

Mann’s Chinese Theater, Los Angeles, 5 June, noon-1pm
Galatasaray Meydanı, İstanbul, 5 June, 1.30pm

Soldiers – women and men – who refuse to kill, maim, rape and torture are being jailed, assaulted and forced underground.  Whether you refuse to be conscripted or go to war as part of a professional army, you have the right and the duty to obey your conscience rather than military orders. With supporters and campaigns, so often organised by women, more and more of us are determined not to be commanded into killing.


Since 1995, Osman Murat Ülke has been repeatedly convicted and jailed (for a total of 701 days) for refusing to be conscripted into the Turkish army. In January 2006, the European Court of Human Rights found Turkey guilty of condemning him to a “civil death”.  They awarded Mr Ülke 10,000 euros damages and urged Turkey to introduce legislation recognising conscientious objection. Turkey has changed nothing. On 5 June, the Council of Europe* will discuss how to bring it into compliance. Mr Ülke is not the only one facing such persecution. We demand the severest sanctions against Turkey and all States that persecute refuseniks and conscientious objectors.

Osman Murat Ülke

Halil Savda

Hadas Amit 


Lazaros Petromelidis


Ehren Watada

Agustín Aguayo

Mehmet Tarhan

Jailed repeatedly since 1993. Now in detention for another 21 months.

Convicted five times for a total

of 73 days exempted from the army last week!

Under constant threat of arrest especially when called up every two years.

Court-martial ended in a mistrial. Threat of a new trial in July.

Jailed 8 months – is “property of the army” & under threat of further arrest.

Jailed & tortured for 11 months. Now a “deserter” under threat of arrest.

We call especially on anti-war organisations to recognise the contribution of COs and other refusers to the anti-war movement and to organise or join actions on or around the 5th of June 2007 to demand recognition of their right to refuse to kill and to CO status, and an end to their persecution.

*       Join our action or organise your own.

*       Write to your country representatives on the Council of Europe including the US and Canada who are observers at the Council ( Please cc Payday, we’ll forward to MEPs. See model letter.


*The Council of Europe aims to establish common principles based on the European Convention on Human Rights (see CoE Statute, Article 1). It has 47 member countries, including Turkey. The US and Canada are observers at the Council.

International Day of Action called by

Association of Greek Conscientious Objectors

Conscientious Objection Platform (Turkey)
Global Women’s Strike
Payday men’s network (UK and US) 

For information, call +44 (0)20 7209 4751

Decision of the Council of Europe