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20 December  06            »  Protests for  Halil Savda            »  Watada in Hawaii     

»  Action alert in support of Halil Savda
Write in support of this conscientious objector.

»  Payday's message to the demonstration supporting Halil in Istanbul (21 December)

»  Watada acclaimed in Hawaii
See major press coverage

Ehren Watada

16 December  06  » Free Halil Savda!    » Mehmet protests brutality in prison

9 December Protest in Istanbul for the release of Halil Savda

»  Halil Savda must be released, says the Conscientious Objection Platform. Protests are planned in Ankara (19 Dec) and Istanbul (21 Dec) prior to Halil's trial on 22 December.

 Mehmet Tarhan court case against the brutality he suffered in prison. Documents from his solicitor and from the Conscientious Objection Platform.

14 December 06  »  Truthout attacked    »  Father's protest     »  RTK in Greece

» Army targets Truthout in Watada case.
A US Army prosecutor has indicated he intends to subpoena Truthout Executive Director Marc Ash, a Truthout reporter, and two of the nonprofit news organization's regular contributors
» Man who set himself ablaze after son died in Iraq becomes citizen. Carlos Arredondo tried to destroy a military van and set himself on fire in his grief over the news that his son, a Marine, had been killed in Iraq.
» Refusing to Kill video in Greece

Carlos Arrenondo

7 December   » US Marine rapist faces 40  years    » Carolyn Ho goes to Congress

A jail guard gives the peace sign outside the Makati City Jail where convicted U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith is staying

» Turkish conscientious objector Halil Savda arrested at his trial.
Mother of Army Officer refusing Iraq deployment goes to Congress As a mother, I have evolved from fearing for his safety and for his future to the realization that there is a higher purpose to all that has transpired,”  Caroline Ho
» US. Marine sentenced to 40 years' jail in landmark rape case in Philippines.  A U.S. Marine faces 40 years in jail after being convicted of rape in a landmark case that has become a symbol for women's rights and national sovereignty in the Philippines.

 6 December   » Video showing in Greece      » Pictures of 1 December actions

» Showing of video Refusing to Kill to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first public non-religious declaration of conscience objection in Greece
by Michalis Maragkakis.

» Pictures of 1 December actions.

» Disability Now speaks to Peter Gichura.

» Carolyn Ho on tour.
The mother of refusenik Lt Watada
is touring the East coast of the US. See dates here.

30 November   » No jail for refuseniks   » Sgt. Nishimura   » JROTC program out!

Sgt. Leana Nishimura

» International days of action to protest against imprisonming of refuseniks:
London 1 December
Istanbul 1 December
Philadelphia 2 December
Athens 9 December

» Yearning to be whole again. Sergeant Leana Nishimura sees the light after year of emotional, family turmoil. More than 155,000 women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 16,000 single mothers. . .
» School board votes to dump JROTC program. After 90 years in San Francisco high schools, the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps must go, the San Francisco school board decided Tuesday night.

 28 November   » Mehmet Tarhan writes - call to attention      » Seaman Jonathan Hutto

» Mehmet Tarhan writes: a call to attention concerning the decision of October 10. "Spending my life on the edge of a geography plagued by civil war and drowning in conflict has driven me to question the armed forces, the war economy, the states' system, in short, militarism".
» Norfolk-based sailor Jonathan Hutto uses web to channel opposition to war. "Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home."

Seaman Jonathan Hutto

16 November   » Mehmet defies Army  »  British deserters

Greek conscientious objectors were the first to support Mehmet Tarhan when he was arrested in April 2005

» Kurdish objector defies Turkey's mighty army
“My purpose is not the abolition of the Turkish Armed Forces, but of all armies,” Tarhan told Reuters recently. 

» Desertion rate has doubled since start of war in Iraq
Rather than finding the deserters, the army tends simply to write off the missing soldiers and dismiss them in their absence. The new figures show that only 11 have been court-martialled since the war began.

 2 November   » Carolyn Ho Press Release    » Giorgos Monastiriotis

» PRESS RELEASE: Carolyn Ho, mother of first commissioned Army officer to refuse to go to Iraq, in Philadelphia, 01 November 2006

» Carolyn Ho's letter to her sisters in spirit.  Also see http://www.ltwatada.org/

» Giorgos Monastiriotis: appeal hearing on 31 October 2006. My refusal is a minimal act of solidarity with the Iraqi people as well as to the peaceful sentiments of the Greek people.

Giorgos Monastiriotis

31 October   » CO platform launched   » US active soldier refusing

» Conscientious objection platform launched in Turkey A Conscientious Objection Platform will work for legislation recognizing the right to object to military service. It intends to campaign for rights of penalized COs and journalists covering their plight.
» Active soldiers support U.S. withdrawal from Iraq For the first time since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, active-duty members of the military are asking members of Congress to end the occupation of Iraq and bring U.S. soldiers home.
Soldiers in Revolt: 218 active duty troops call to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq
 24 October   » Breaking the Silence    » Omri Evron is imprisoned

»  Breaking the Silence of the Night
"You’ve been taught to follow orders, to obey and not question, to go along with the program and do exactly what you’re told." Ron Kovic
»  Occupation Refuser Omri Evron Sentenced to 14 Days in Military Prison. Omri was put in solitary confinement having refused to wear uniform and obey orders.

Sit down for Peace   4 - 9 November

 17 October   » Mehmet sentenced    » Spreading Alex Izett's victory
»  Mehmet is sentenced again!
Turkey's Human Rights Association says a 25 month prison sentence against gay conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan is "wrongful and unacceptable." Mehmet is appealing against the sentence.

See War Resisters International's call and write to Turkish authorities

 Recognition of Gulf War Syndrome Payday's press release highlights Alez Izett's recent victory.

December 2005: international day of action
to defend Mehmet

8 October » Armed Forces Bill   » Compensation for Gulf War Syndrome

Alex Izett

» The Armed Forces Bill will be debated on the 11th and 12th October in the UK Parliament's House of Lords. Read Payday's Briefing paper here
» "
Gulf war crippled me and I didn't even go" Alex Izett, 36, fought a 10-year battle to force theMoD to admit he has the crippling condition. His suffering began after he was given nine anti-biological warfare injections in 24 hours in preparation for combat - but was then never sent.
 25 September »   Agustín Aguayo »   Overstretched Army in Iraq
» AWOL army specialist AgustÍn Aguayo to turn himself in tomorrow 26th of September. Agustín Aguayo is a CO, a war resister, and an AWOL U.S. soldier.  He will speak to supporters and the media before turning himself in to military authorities.
Overstretched Army in Iraq: Non-citizens are now eligible to citizenship after only one day of active-duty military service. 

Agustin Aguayo

17 September 2006  »  Lt. Watada faces new charges

Lt. Ehren Watada

» Lieutenant Watada Faces New Charges
US Army First Lieutenant Ehren Watada, faces one new charge. The additional charge, of conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentlemen, centers on Lieutenant Watada's statement that "to stop an illegal and unjust war, soldiers can choose to stop fighting it."

12 September 2006  » Soldiers below minimum wage  » Scandal in schools  » Sit-in 
» British soldiers risk death for less than the minimum wage!
» Hidden Draft in Our Schools. Sergeant Thomas Kelt threatened those he was recruiting with arrest if they didn't enlist into the Army.
» Sit-in for Suzanne Swift is Successful. Congressman DeFazio has taken an important step toward ending military sexual violence.

Suzanne Swift

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