Actions to support Agustin Aguayo

Actions at the trial on 6 March 2007
Anti-militarists groups and organizations will hold rallies and fundraisers so far in Rome, Berlin (4 March), Mannheim and Würzburg (3 and 6 March).
Payday and the Global Women’s Strike organise an action on 5 March in Philadelphia and 6 March in London.

directly to the family to help them to attend the trial and survive while Agustin is in jail:
Helga P. Aguayo, 36838 57th Street East, Palmdale, CA 93552  USA

Write to Agustin
SPC Agustín Aguayo
Unit 29723 Box LL
APO, AE 09028-3810

or send an electronic post card (1500 people already have!), click on