Whistleblowers: for a caring society

Workshop at London Anarchist Bookfair –

Sat 24 Oct 2015 5pm – 6pm

Central Saint Martin’s
University of the Arts London
Granary Building
1 Granary Square
London N1C 4AA

Room F004 Ground Floor


Thousands of whistleblowers in the NHS, care homes, detention centres, the police, the military and every institution are speaking out against neglect, corruption, rape, torture, murder and war crimes (as Chelsea Manning did). For caring about others and society as a whole they face isolation, sacking,
physical attack, destitution and imprisonment. Defending them is urgent. The Global Women's Strike and Payday campaign for recognition and financial support for caring and justice work, including whistleblowing.  Join us to discuss with whistleblowers the defence of those who risk their lives and livelihoods for a caring society.


Organised by: Global Women's Strike (globalwomenstrike.net) and Payday Men's Network (refusingtokill.net)