Support drone whistleblower Daniel Hale





Theyíre in there for us, so weíre out here for them. As spring 2022 comes bursting into fullness, we have not forgotten our friend and comrade Daniel Hale, who is not out here with us to resist in the greater world. We regretfully mark this 1 year of him being held captive in the US carceral system, now locked away far from support and his community in a highly restrictive communications management unit (CMU) in USP Marion. It is small consolation knowing that this year has brought some resolution to Danielís years long entanglement with the US criminal justice system - we look forward to his expected release from incarceration in the summer of 2024, and to the life that awaits him afterwards on the outside. Still, so much is lost in the time being taken from him now, all for his courageous actions to inform the world about crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US military through itís drone program. We will continue to support our friend as he is held in the dehumanizing world of the US prison system. We are resolved to use the power and tools available to us to support incarcerated people. It is indescribably impactful to continue to show up for Daniel through letter-writing, and other forms of support. Please join us on Tuesday, May 10th at 7:30pm EST as we gather virtually to write him letters, and as we continue to share Danielís story, and updates on his current situation.