Patriots for Peace - Stop This Ugly War 
by Jung Hee Choi
War Times, April 2003

Almost all my family-my brothers, uncles, sisters and parents-were killed in the war with the Soviets. I know what war is about. The Taliban were killing many people. I thought freeing the country from the Taliban would help. So right after Sept. 11 I signed up and joined the U.S. military invasion of my home country, Afghanistan. But the U.S. has done nothing to improve our lives.

I am a taxi driver. Since August I have polled over 200 of my riders about war in Iraq. Only one, a young university student, said she was for the war. After I told her about what war did to my family, she changed her mind.

On March 7 I will be sent to Iraq as part of a special service, which I cannot name. But I am totally against that war. Bush wants to murder people for oil and control. It's unbelievable! They support Israel's killing of Palestinians for no reason. Israel is the American cancer in the Middle East. America is being taught to hate Muslims like me, and is getting ready to slaughter Arabs.

Good luck in your antiwar work. I hope you can stop this ugly war.

refusing to kill