Refusal to fight: Worse than murder?
Free Market News, 23 May 2006

British soldiers refusing to fight in the war on Iraq may face bleaker futures than a brutal murderer does ... at least according to What Really Happened website-owner Michael Rivero, who says there's a new measure about to pass through the House of Commons that will insure this outcome.

He cites the current Armed Forces Bill that calls for soldiers refusing to participate in the military occupation of a foreign country to face life imprisonment sentences. The bill would change the definition of "desertion" to encompass those who go absent without leave, with the intention of refusing to take part in an overseas invasion or occupation force, and not just those leaving the front lines while already under fire.

He then points to a story about the bloody beating of a man, long past the point of his death, for which the murderer is now receiving the minimum sentence of 14 years. "So, if you're a well-behaved murderer you can be released from prison after 14 years," Rivero observes, "but if you are in the army and refuse to commit murder you can be imprisoned for life." - ST

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