Conscientious Objector Süver
Stopped Hunger Strike

Conscientious objector İnan Süver stopped his hunger strike after 39 days. He stopped his protest when he got to know that he was going to be transferred to the Gülhane Military Medical Academy.


Balıkesir - BİA News Center17 October 2011


On 14 October, conscientious objector İnan Süver stopped his hunger strike after 39 days.


It was reported that Süver stopped his hunger strike when the decision to transfer him to the Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) reached the Balıkesir Prison where Süver is being detained.


Süver's lawyer Davut Erkan said in a statement made to bianet on Friday (14 October) that his client was presumably going to be transferred to the GATA in Ankara but that the transport had not been realized yet. They were not given the exact date of the transfer because of security reasons, Erkan said and explained that they were expecting Süver to be transferred within a few days.


Medical report valid for after 2008 only

Lawyer Erkan informed binate that Süver was diagnosed with an "anti-social personal disorder" in 2008 and that he was given a report subsequently documenting that "he was not conducive to military service" due to this diagnosis.

Erkan recalled that the according report was accepted to be valid for after 2008. "Hence, they still held Süver responsible for the actions he did before 2008. This means that he was held accountable for the desertions between 2001 and 2008. He was sentenced to imprisonment of 25 months in this context and has been in prison for 16 months".

"It is however possible that his punishment will not remain within this limit because he deserted once and once he set the bed in his cell on fire. These incidents might lead to an increase of punishment", Erkan indicated.

"I am not very hopeful"

The lawyer explained that Süver's joint attorneys appealed the medical report since it was only valid as of the end of 2008. Thereupon, it was decided to transfer Süver again to the GATA.

After the medical treatment at the military hospital a new report will be issued, Erkan pointed out. Yet, the lawyer said he was not too hopeful that the new report was going to be dramatically different. Instead, Erkan expressed his concern that the report would take the year 2008 as a milestone. (EKN/VK)