Conscientious objector Halil Savda mistreated and on hunger strike
Human Rights Association (Turkey), 17 January 2007
Halil Savda the human rights defender and conscientious objector who has been arrested and still being kept under arrest by Military Law Court of Corlu in date of 7 December 2006 by accusation of " disobedience to order and fleeing from military duty" is under pressure.
Onto the Law courts psychological report demand in last trial, the military forces who entered Halil Savda's ward in date of 17 January 2007 informed that they are going to take Halil Savda to Doctor exmination. After Halil Savda's " I have objection to demand in question. I refuse the psychological examination. I refuse my military duty by my conscience. I am not disabled nor sick. I dont want to be invalided out. I refuse the military duty as being a conscientious objector and for these reason i dont want to be examined by doctor" statement military police has crowded together on to Halil Savda and roughly took him to hospital.
In spite of all his objections that  "Thing you are doing is wrong by means of medical ethics. you cannot examine me out of my will" to the doctors of military hospital  who want to examine him Halil Savda has been examined rudely and after he has been taken to court.
Halil Savda stated that he started a hunger strike for an indefinite period of time for protesting those attidute against himself.
We as Istanbul Department of Human Rights Association disapprove  the Halil Savda's contiual arrestment and situation of him being kept under pressure, and call every sensitive person to act with solidarity with Halil Savda and react urgently.
End to Pressure devoted to Halil Savda.
Conscientious Objection is a human right.
Freedom to Halil Savda.



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