Write to Halil!

Update of 21 March 2012


We received news from Eda Ederner, Hali`s partner, who visited him on 20 March 2012. She said:

Diyadin prison is more comfortable; every week we can see each other without barriers between us.
I brought him blankets and sweets.  The jail provided him with three newspapers.  So he reads three daily newspapers every day.  
He is with two other political prisoners in a room, there is heating and there is a tv in the room.  So he is very calm now. 
He could not get previous cards and letters, but now he can receive.correspondence.
So he is waiting for letters and cards.
Please write to Halil. Every letter and card is important to let him know - and the prison authorities - 
that he has international support, that the world is watching.

Halil Savda

Diyadin K1 Tipi Kapalı Cezaevi,