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Justice for Tyree & victims of police violence everywhere.

SATURDAY 18 July.  Flash demo 12 noon outside the US Embassy Grosvenor Sq, SW1.  Tube: Marble Arch

Come and support the US Day of Action for Tyree and against all police violence from Philadelphia/Ferguson, US, to Fife and Tottenham UK . . .

Tyree Carroll, a 22 year old Black man, was viciously beaten by Philly police for cycling up a one way street. The police brutality was caught on film – please watch and share the video. Tryee’s family and friends, with Black Lives Matter network, Women of Colour GWS and other supporters, are organizing a protest this Sat in Philadelphia. We are protesting for Sandra Bland, Cherry Groce, Jeanetta Riley, Joy Gardner, Sheyku Bayoh, Jimmy Mubenga, Eric Garner, Jean Charles de Menezes, Mark Duggan, HabibPapsUllah, Ian Tomlinson . . . and all others whose lives have been brutally taken by those in authority.

London support called by Women of Colour in the Global Women Strike and Black Dissidents

Join the Facebook group and text your network. See below other ways you can support.   

For people who want to help win justice for Tyree but don’t live in the Philadelphia area, what you can do:

·   Email and call Charles Ramsey, Philadelphia Chief of Police 215.686.3280 or 215.686.3367.  See Demands below.

·   Email and call Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter  215.686.2181 
fax 215.686.2180

·   Tweet #NotOneMore #TyreeCarroll to @PPDCommish (Philadelphia Police Department Commissioner)






Another Black man beaten by Philly police!

Tyree Carroll with his niece

Watch video at:

Nancy Carroll (Tyree’s Grandmother and longtime community activist)

 Join family members of Tyree Carroll to say Not One More Police Beating Of Our Children!  
Black Lives Matter!


Gathering outside the site of the beating (633 E Locust Ave Phila. 19144) &
March to the 14th District Police Station (43 W Haines St off Germantown Ave)

WHAT HAPPENED: On April 3, 2015 an unarmed, 22 year old Tyree Carroll was stopped across from his grandmother’s house in the Germantown section of Philadelphia for riding his bike the wrong way on a one way streetWhat started with 3 white officers ended in as many as 26 officers involved or watching in this Rodney King style beating.  He was kicked, hit with a nightstick, threatened with a taser, called a piece of sh** and other obscenities as more police arrivedTyree suffers from asthma and fearing for his ability to breathe like with Eric Garner and for his life, he defended himself from officers who were choking him. Fortunately, a neighbor recorded a video, where Tyree can be heard screaming for his grandmom to come to the door. It is an outrage as the Fraternal Order of Police has called this incident “good policing”. We all know this kind of abuse goes on all too often, but it just so happens that this one, like Rodney King in LA, was caught on camera.  Come protest, demand justice for Tyree Carroll and his family and for an end to police brutality in our communities.

Called by: Justice for Tyree Campaign including Black Lives Matter Movement, Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, Fight for Lifers West, Free Charmaine Committee, Global Women’s Strike (GWS), Hands Up United/Ferguson (St Louis), Human Rights Coalition, Jasmyne Cannick journalist & blogger, Jewish Voice for Peace – Philadelphia, Justice for the Dallas 6 Campaign, Let’s Get Free, Nana Gyamfi attorney for BLM/Los Angeles, Payday, Phila Coalition for REAL Justice, Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee, Women of Color in the GWS Co-sponsored by: Action Against Black Genocide, Decarcerate PA, Parkhouse Studios, Peacehome Campaigns, North Philly Peace Park, Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee, Up Against the Law Legal Collective  List in formation, please contact us to endorse.  SEE DEMANDS BELOW ▼▼▼  Email:
Phone: 215-848-1120 (Crossroads Women’s Center) 
Twitter:  #TyreeCarroll  #RodneyKingAgain #FreeTyree  Tweet:  #NotOneMore to @PPDCommish


Demands of the Justice for Tyree Campaign

·       The immediate release of Mr. Tyree Carroll’s medical records from the hospital after the beating, as well as any prison medical records since the beating, to the family and to the Justice for Tyree Campaign.

·       A doctor of the family’s choosing and independent of the prison system examine Mr. Carroll immediately, including taking X-rays that would show any injuries sustained by the beating.

·       Mr. Carroll must be immediately released from prison.

·       The city to make available and cover the cost of counseling for Mr. Carroll and other family members and loved ones of their choosing to help them deal with the trauma from the entire incident. 

·       The 26 Philadelphia police officers involved in the beating and/or present at the scene be identified and publicly named, investigated for previous incidents, placed on leave without pay immediately, and be fired.

·       The Chief of Police step down.

·       The US Department of Justice begins an immediate investigation into the beating.

·       The Mayor, the District Attorney, City Council, and District representatives in Congress issue strong and clear statements that such police brutality, illegality and racism is no longer tolerated and will be investigated.

·       In order to facilitate her participation in all proceedings, the city must fast-forward Nancy Carroll's (Mr. Carroll’s grandmother's) request for city assistance with transportation, including help getting down her front stairsShe is in a wheelchair yet must apply to three different agencies to get access to the city’s program to assist with transportation for people with disabilities in order to possibly leave her home if other family members aren't available to assist).

·       A guarantee of no retaliation by any law enforcement or any other government agencies against people in the community who took the videos of the beating and that they can come forward without fear of intimidation, retaliation or criminalizationThey should be designated as a protected class.

·       Similarly, there must be a guarantee of no retaliation against Mr. Carroll, the family and people involved in the Justice for Tyree Campaign by police, prison guards or authorities.

·       The Mayor and other city and law enforcement officials meet with the Justice for Tyree Campaign to discuss implementation of these demands.

·       The City establish a reparations fund, similar to one established in Chicago, for victims of police brutality.

·       We are asking that the Mayor and other city officials have until Friday at 10am EST, July 17th to remove the 26 police officers from duty; to release Mr. Carroll from prison; for Mr. Carroll to see a doctor of his choice; for a request for an investigation by the Dept of Justice; and for a meeting with representatives of the Justice for Tyree Campaign.


The Justice for Tyree Campaign are people including family members in Philadelphia and around the country who have come together to press for Justice for Mr. Carroll.