15 June - Day of Action to close detention centres

Hello friends,

Finally, I can forward you the english e-mail invitation to
participate in the 15J "Day against Detention Centres".

Please share with your contacts.

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Carlos Soledad



To all organizations and collectives that are working for the closure
of migrant detention centres and against migration policies that
criminalize migrants and refugees:

On behalf of the Spanish Campaign against Detention Centers (Campaña
Estatal por el cierre de los CIEs “CIEs NO”) and other individuals and
collectives fighting against migration policies that criminalize
migrants and refugees in Spain, we ask you to support 15J (15 June), a
day of concerted actions to demand the closure of the migrant
detention centres.

First edition took place in 2013, and in this second year we want to
invite people beyond Spanish borders to join us.

15J provides a good opportunity to visualize our struggle, create
links and to act in a coordinated fashion.

We want to take the streets, schools, theatres, parks and social
centers. Let's make music, poetry, dance, painting, theatre or
photography to become ways to denounce the reality of detention
centers, which some others are trying to conceal.

15J is open to any idea you come up with: concerts, parades,
performances, food fairs, collective street art... Every organization
can chose the action or activity that thinks best.

You can send your proposed activity by e-mail to: diacontraloscies@gmail.com.

All activities will be showcased at this website:

This website also includes certain practical information to help
organisations to join “15J – Action Day Against Detention Centers”. We
are currently translating the main content into English.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Organisation Commitee, 15J – Action Day Against Detention Centers