September 17, 2007


Attention: Tobias Pflüger of The European Parliament


Dear Mr. Pflüger :


I want to say thank you for caring enough about world affairs to get involved in my husband’s case.  To get involved in his case was to go beyond what is required as a part of the EU Parliament.  You stood up for injustice to another human despite the nationality and affiliation.  Thank you!  I think the show of German citizens, in support of my husband, demonstrated to the  American government that they could not imprison my husband and throw away the key.  I know you cared enough to get involved and make phone calls and write letters and I cannot thank you enough!


I had the honor of meeting, over the phone, conscientious objector Osman Murat Ülke (Ossi) of Turkey this last month.  I could not help but be impressed by his candor and GREAT perseverance as well as valor.  My husband and I spoke to him for at least 2 hours and we were amazed by him. 


After speaking to him my husband, Agustín,  is on a crusade to bring awareness to his case here in America.  And I, after speaking to Ossi could not help but think of you.  If you haven’t heard of Ossi or spoken to him you must.  A man of your dedication can surely understand the importance of supporting Ossi .  After all, we are all connected and I know you get that.  Please do what you can for this man.  His family is ostracized and in danger and living in CONSTANT fear since 1995.  My heart breaks to know his life is in danger. 


I know what it is like to persecuted, labeled and outcast by the government.  And trust me when I say that the pain of our ordeal goes deep!  We have lost everything financially and physically it has taken it’s toll to stand up against government.  And yet our experiences, aren’t even a fraction of what Ossi has endured.  I can only imagine the pain and frustration of this man and his family.  Please help were you can.


Visit http://www.connection-ev.de/action/ to get the background if you don’t already have it.  Thank you for your time!  Thank you for caring!  Thank you for getting involved in my husband’s case!  And thank you for making a difference in his case as I am sure you can in Ossi’s!



Helga P. Aguayo
Wife of Agustín Aguayo, Conscientious Objector and War Resister
Campaign Manager for