On June 11, 08 Wednesday we went to see Mehmet Bal at Hasdal Military Prison. Bal was carried by two soldiers as he was unable to either walk or sit straight up. He had to lie down on one side during our entire visit. He stated that:


(i) On June 9, Monday his hair was cut forcefully while he was also being beaten by the officer in charge and that later he was placed in a ward the inmate in charge of which was Necati Polat;


(ii) After the officer in charge said to Necati Polat “you know what to do” Bal was attacked and beaten by 3-4 other prisoners with sticks almost half a meter long and thick as a human wrist;


(iii) Consequently he passed out and was dragged to cold showers so he came to and the beating started again. On June 10, Tuesday morning he was taken  to Gümüşsuyu Military Hospital and was kept in the Emergency Room;


He was first given serum, later in the evening x-rays of his neck, waist and tailbone were taken;


Although he could not move his neck, legs and arms he was not admitted into the hospital, but instead, sent back to Hasdal Military Prison on a  stretcher and placed in a ward;


On June 11, Wednesday, at noon he was taken to a cell. When we took his shirt off we observed that:


(i) the left back side of his neck was swollen, bruised and scratched as result of beating with sticks;


(ii) There were stick marks, swollenness and rushes on his back;


(iii) There was a large bruise, rush and swollenness on his tailbone;


Also the left of his right breast is swollen, log-marked and bruised (the same applies to his left shoulder);


(iv) He can hardly move his body;


(v) He can hardly use his hands and his eyes are very red.


He also stated that he was forced to stand during roll call.


We hereby register and report the situation.



Süleyman Gökten and Eren Keskin