Lauterbach Allowed to be Raped and Murdered Re-Ignites Demand and Urgency In Calling For STAAAMP’s Independent Investigative Agency of Military Crimes:

Press Release, January 18, 2008

From STAAAMP, Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel

STAAAMP, Survivor Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel, Executive Director and former US military Commander, Rev. Dorothy Mackey has been watching and accurately anticipating the spin doctor’s of the Marine Corps throughout this horrific case.  The rape of Lance Cpl Lauterbach, and failure by command to protect her began from the beginning. Luaterbach’s strength to pursue the rape charges in a courts martial was surely not liked by command leadership even to DC. Rev Mackey noted, having 7 years of military command experience, serving 5700 cases and having challenged this system herself she speaks from a level of unique experience. Military abuse survivors “know as Lauterbach stood firm in her charges the gang mentality (keying her car, terrorizing her) was whirling and the leadership was most likely not happy as Lauterbach was moving forward with her case, in a wink and a nod (as seen in Army Aberdeen Rape Scandal undue command influence) middle and senior leadership looked the other way or gave notice for lower ranking “to handle it” meaning Lauterbach case was most likely would never come to trial. This case is too much of a recruiting snafu and “these types of Marines who are wide spread throughout” the Few Good Marine’s Corps will do whatever it takes to protect their twisted meaning of Semper FI.”


Mackey states, “this case has as many holes in its’ flawed time line as a spaghetti strainer.”  Yet, Mackey notes here are some real issues which beg to be repeated: The Marine Corps and all military services don’t care to get the VIOLENT nature of rape and catastrophic damage that rape does to the individual. 

  • As in many of these cases, not ONLY did the military say that Lauterbach’s rape was not violent, therefore the command had no need for serious concern! This statement alone demonstrates the Marine Corps and military allegiance to ignore VIOLENT crimes that led to her death. This authentic dismissal of criminal law and protection for victims is occurring due to the use since 1970’s of the Pentagon’s and military criminally flawed McDowell Rape Checklist by military criminal investigators which dismisses rape victims claims and evidence and fears for their life within the services.
  • Receiving calls from survivors of military abuse reminded of the implied and verbal death threats most of her clientele have received while in service for speaking out about their own rapes.
  • Immediate concern must be shown for the young female Marine who helped to process a protective order for Lauterbach, and who publicly countered Marine’s claims that Lauterbach was not in fear. By this young female Marine for stating Lauterbach “was terrified” makes her a marked soldier, the Marine command knows who she is, and she needs placed in protective custody away from the Marines for her own safety from the Marine’s, to include not sending her into the war zone.


Mackey speaking on command experience perspective: stated

  • Laurean and Lauterbach for the “integrity of the investigation” should of and could have received a 24 hour escorts, this is common place, ensuring
    • Lauterbach was not harassed by the gang mentality which is very widely know and experienced on military bases and posts, and
    • Laurean would have not been able to communicate to his Marine Corps buddies etc to take matters into their/his own hands.
  • The absence of the Marine command not suggesting immediately to Laurean to seek Area Defense Counsel after Lauterbach stated she had been raped is unheard of, bizarre at best, but demonstrates command incompetence and or dereliction of duty (at least) by the command structure.
  • A commander if competent is required to protect both parties as well as the interests of the military, without hiding the truth and impacting justice!” 
  • Questions the time line in part and potentially in whole put out by the Marine Corps leadership as of January 15, 2008. Mackey find that as a commander of 7 years and having been involved with thousands of cases jointly dealt with in the military and out of the military including legal, military police, and command leadership that young troops often accused of serious crimes are not aware and must be told to seek legal council (ADC, Area Defense Council) immediately without talking to anyone else.
    • Military personnel are told to get ADC advise because it is not within their experience to know these things, and yet it is very odd that Laurean had the rare and presence of mind to search out and finance the hiring of a civilian attorney, and now three attorneys to represent Lauren.
    • These are extra-ordinary happenings for any military case considering Lauren’s rank!
  • While it maybe conjuncture on the part of Rev. Mackey, she feels Lauren’s wife trained to be loyal to the Marines Corps may have told the leadership sooner not later (as published reports note 24 hours) of the serious heinous nature of the murder, cover-up, number of Marine’s involved and burning (BBQ) over Cpl Luaterbach’s body.
  • “This time line must be challenged!” Just the shift of WHEN the Marine leadership knew the heinous and real facts of the murder from Lauren’s wife makes the current Marine’s news releases more believable that Laurean’s wife told sooner, and the Marine Corps is posturing to protect itself.  It feels like the Marine are continually trying to create a support story to boaster bogus timelines and facts.
  • Mackey speculates that the Marine Corps rushed Lauren’s wife back onto active duty to limit public access to her, and feels any public photo’s of the wife that are available are oddly fuzzy and unclear. (the Marine Corps is mandated as all services to have for security reasons clear photos identifications of all personnel). It is curious then why no one has a clear picture of Lauren’s wife. Is it that Lauren’s wife, not Lauterbach bought the bus ticket?
  • Additionally, IF Lauren’s wife informing the Marine’s immediately of the heinous nature of this crime: involvement of other Marines in Lauterbach’s actual death, cover up through cleaning and painting the house, purchasing of burning materials, dismemberment and burning (BBQ) of Lauterbach’s body.  There very well could be more that the Marine’s are really protecting.


America this is our wake up call or how many more rape and murder victims (Mother and Child) do we have to see?  Military rape victims now know that their body through rape is not just at risk but their very lives are at risk! Mackey has long been praying and speaking quietly to organization insiders that she hoped this day and case of Lauterbach would never come but since the US military and government would not heed the advise this outcome was fast coming.  She already anticipates what is going through military rape victims minds who already know their commands don’t care, won’t prosecuted their rapists and now their lives really are worth nothing as the Marine’s deny all responsibility in their blunders that led to Lauterbach’s death.


Washington D.C. and Military Involvement:

America’s military sons and daughter now understand that even on a US military bases and posts regardless of the “violence level” of the crime of rape, these survivors have been at risk and fighting for their very lives.  Mackey, stated that calls she has received from survivors keep stating the same thing, “that could have been me, it almost was me.”  This is a call to action that no man or women in the military service is safe from command leadership who have failed to prosecute fully crimes, who have been tainted by the Pentagon’s McDowell Rape Checklist! Mackey met Dr. David Chu in April, 2007 in D.C noted Dr. Chu heads the military rape crisis program, told her she didn’t know what she was speaking of when Mackey told him of the 5 immunity laws of protecting military rapists, abusers, murders and command leadership from accountability!  Mackey shared the 5 immunity laws and the 5 military women’s cases that went before the US Supreme Court, Chu told her again she didn’t know what she was speaking of.  Mackey shared the 5 immunity laws and the 5 military women’s cases that went before the US Supreme Court, Chu told her again she didn’t know what she was speaking of.    Mackey is one of 2 remaining military women alive; the other 3 were killed after reporting their abuses in the military, just like Lauterbach.  Refusal by Washington insiders like Dr. Chu and top brass allow military to continue to be raped, abused and murdered, it is time to prosecute McDowell for his involvement of supporting military rape, abuse and murder which is responsible for Lauterbach’s rape and death.


Real Change and Action A Workable Solution: These and the hundreds of thousands rape survivors who never got justice as well as Corporal Lauterbach’s case demonstrates the significant reasons why America now needs to demand for an Independent Investigative Agency (IIA) be set up for the safety, well being, and protection of victims of military and federal crimes, as well as the impeccable criminal investigation of federal employees, subcontractors and military.  Crimes such as rape, domestic abuse, and murder of military, employees, spouses, children of military and civilians will be investigated and supported in the IIA.  This agency must be overseen not by mouth pieces of the military but run by military survivor advocates who are fully aware of the maze of military bureaucracy, double talk, and deception tactics rather then making the military more internally safe, honorable and increase a greater and much needed level of trust of the senior leadership. It would be fully staffed and supported by impeccable law enforcement, criminal investigators, medical personnel, counselor’s specialists who are dedicated to honesty and impeccable integrity rather then spinning the truth!   STAAAMP have long time advocated for this process for objective, fair and due diligence in finding, seeking and getting justice. This is the least we can do in the thousands of cases ignored, denied by military “just-us” system and will be a standing long lasting dedication in memory of Lance Cpl Marie Lauterbach and her son, Gabriel.


Contact Information:

Rev. Dorothy Mackey, Exec Director STAAAMP

Phoenix: 602.374.7375