Petition for the liberation of the Refuseniks

Dear friends,

As you may know, the trial of the five occupation refusenicks is about to end.  The Refusenicks Parents' Forum intends to publish a petition supporting the accused and their freedom of conscience before the final session of the military court in Jaffo.  We intend to gather signatures and contributions in order to print a very large ad in the daily press. For this purpose, the refusenicks need your help.  Please sign your name, gather additional signatures and make your contribution against the occupation.

You can use the enclosed form to send your signature (and other signatures).  You can also write and send a check made out to New Profile to PO Box 9013 Jerusalem 91090. Signatures can also be sent via email to

While occupation spawns terror

While war spawns poverty and unemployment

While innocent children are being killed in the occupied territories

While an agreement, an alternative to blood and death, is on the table

While the settlers impose terror on the Arab villages

While collective punishment, curfew and siege have become routine

While the occupation corrupts the morals of an entire generation

While soldiers die in a superfluous war a war for the settlements

While the government of Israel continues its drive for annexation and expropriation

 Six youngsters: Yoni Ben Artzi, Haggai Matar, Matan Kaminer, Shimri Tsameret and Noam Bahat refuse to become soldiers as a matter of conscience: they refuse to be occupiers, they refuse to violate the human rights of the Palestinians and they refuse to assist in the continuation of the occupation, which is destroying Israeli society.

 For more than a year, Israel is imprisoning these young people who listen to the dictate of their conscience. All this time, they have been prevented from contributing to Israeli society through alternative civilian humanitarian service.

 If convicted, they can be sentenced to three years in jail.

 We, the undersigned demand the immediate release of the prisoners of conscience, and to enable them to perform alternative civilian service according to the dictates of their conscience.




refusing to kill