Not in the military prison! Not in the civil prison!  
Hearing on 5 CO's case - vigil outside court

Next Tuesday, 17/2/04, at the military court of appeal in Tel Aviv  (Hakirya), the IDF committee for transferring prisoners will hear the  case of the 5 COs, who have been sentenced for a year imprisonment  for refusing to serve in an army of occupation. The army authorities  now ask to transfer the five to a civil prison, since they regard  them as a constant incitement and a potential danger to the military  prison, no matter what they do.

 Since this is obviously a political harassment, ACRI decided to  represent the 5 in this case. Haggai Matar, Matan Kaminer, Shimri  Zameret, Adam Maor and Noam Bahat will be brought to the hearing -  AND WILL BE VERY HAPPY TO SEE US ALL THERE.

 Let us show them our support and call, loudly and clearly:  They do not belong in the civil prison! They do not belong in the  military prison!  Free the conscientious objectors!

 The hearing will start at 9:00; we'll hold the vigil at 8:30,  Tuesday, 17/2, outside the  military court of appeal, which is at the junction of Kaplan St. and  Petach-Tikva Rd. (opposite the Azrieli shopping mall, where you can  park). To all, who signed the REFUZ petition at - - calling  for the release of the 5 Israeli Conscientious Objectors from jail.

What you can do

This is a thank you note to all who signed the Petition, thus joining  the community of those who say that it is sometimes neccessary to  REFUSE.

Your comments and letters show how thankful we all are that these 5  COs speak for us through their refusal. They are sitting in jail in  the name of all of us who have signed the petition, and in the name  of hundreds of Israeli youth who are growingly aware that they are  being sent to kill and die in an unjust occupation. By victimizing  the five, the government and the IDF have made clear that they intend  to deter new draftees from acting in accordance with their  conscience.

They sit in jail - at present in cold, unheated cells exposed to  constant  petty harassment.  Our aim, however, is to release them  and, by doing so, remove the fear of jail from all Israeli  conscripts. We cannot let them fade away behind the bars.

THEY cannot give more than they have, WE can do more and WE must.

These are the things we CAN do:

(1) Write a letter to your nearest Israeli Embassy (addresses  ( and sample letters  ( , your  Member of Knesset, Parliament, Senate or other representative.

(2) Download & Print our A4-size black and white Posters  (  - and get them  displayed anyhere you imagination suggests - your working place,  cafe, internet site, staircase of your block, backwindow of your car,  local newspaper. We rely on grass-roots techniques - that means you.

(3) Use our "tell a friend email function" yet again - to remind all  those of your friends whose names you did not find on the petition.

(4) The Parents Forum needs money to function -  for legal support,  communications & etc - if you can give or know someone who can go to  donations (

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