The Five released On 15 September 2004

Their release from prison is approaching - prepare yourselves to  the party!

The Five will be released from prison on September 15th. We still  dont know if they are going to be released from the army then, or whether the army authorities are still planning to try and recruit  them yet again. At any rate, we decided that we should use this happy moment to remind ALL Israelis why our sons spent almost two years in Jail. Instead of a private party we plan a public event, a massive party that would demonstrate that the draft resisters spoke for us  all: that we must not participate or support the occupation in any  way!

The event is planned for 23rd September - details will follow.

On Monday, 6 September, 21:30, Channel 1 will show a TV film made  by Uri Barabash about the five draft resisters, Haggai Matar, Matan  Kaminer, Shimri Zameret, Adam Maor and Noam Bahat. Barabash did not know the five prior to his project, and his perspective is an external one: his aim is to follow the conscientious objectors' trial  and to understand what brought five young men, at the age of 18, to take such an exceptional step and say no to the draft, because of  their resistance to the occupation.

Despite the Israeli Broadcast Service's attempts to postpone it  indefinitely, the film will be on air this coming Monday. We'd be  very happy if you watch it. For us, the refuseniks' parents, it is  very important that the heavy price paid by our sons because of their  conscientious decision would be widely acknowledged, and that the  message they wished the Israeli public to hear would indeed be  heard. 

Fore those of you who read hebrew there is a review of the movie @

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