". . . among part of the political and military leadership a mindset has crystallized, that the Age of Wars is over... according to such analysis, there was no need to get ready for war, but on the other hand no need to enthusiastically seek paths towards long-term, stable agreements with our neighbours." [excerpt from Winograd report] 
  The Report was submitted; Now What?
The Conscript: Next time they send me to fight, I will tell them I don't know how - I only know how to man a checkpoint and harass Palestinians. 
The Reservist: Next time they send me to the Occupied Territories, I will tell them I am not a cop in an army of occupation - I should serve as a solider in a defense force
The Artillery Man: Next time they order me to carpet whole areas with cluster bombs, I will remember the children who were killed, and the ones who may yet be killed from what I've left on the ground in Lebanon - and I will refuse to carry out war crimes. 
The Responsible Citizen: Next time they tell me we are going to a 'Just War', I will remember where previous 'Just Wars' have led us, and what a terrible price we have paid for them. 
The Alert Citizen: Next time a General like Dan Halutz declares that he sleeps well after killing civilians with a one-ton bomb, I will know that he does not deserve to lead the military. 
The "Little Man on The Street": The next time they say they are "fighting only to stop the Katyusha rockets", I will remember that rockets stopped falling only when we stopped the fire. 
The Journalist: Next time my jingoistic colleagues glorify the war, I will ask what they will write a month from now, when public opinion changes in view of the number of casualties. 
The Winograd Commission Member: Next time I will pointedly ask, 
    " Why did we go to this war?"