To our dear friends, the Israeli female and male conscientious objectors!
by Women in Black, Belgrade, February 14, 2004

We, the antimilitaristic female and male activists and conscientious objectors from Serbia, want to send you our support, solidarity and admiration for your consistent antimilitarism and your wish to show that peace cannot be brought on a top of a rifle, not in your nor in any other country. We support you in your decision to refuse military service in Israel, the country deeply endangered by wars, discrimination and militarism. Your conscientious objection is a non-consent to enforcing a resolution of Palestinian question by military force, to the use of army against Palestinian civilian population, as well as to militarizing the whole Israeli society through the verywhere-existing role of the army. Once again we express our admiration to Israeli women-antimilitarists who have long time ago started and still lead resistance to Israeli militarism.

We have ourselves until very recently showed resistance to the politics of war that has almost destroyed our country, through public protests and refusals of military service. On the other hand supporters of war in our country have fed themselves with nationalism, militarism and endangering and non-accepting of otherness. We have not managed to stop the wars, but we have never made peace with hatred and violence and we have clearly showed that an alternative to militarism and wars is possible. Now that the politics of war in our country has ended, we nurture, through conscientious objection, values that are capable to establish permanent peace and security and respect for all people, regardless of their sex, race, ethnicity, religion, class or sexual orientation. That is the reason why we feel close to you and your peace activism.

Your conscientious objection and everyday activities of Israeli female and male peace activists, as well as the resistance of Palestinians to terrorism of militaristic and fundamentalist groups, gives hope that peace between Israelis and Palestinians is possible and that instead of military and violent actions the future lies in mutual respect and acceptance, which you express through your choices and your lives.


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