"Yesh Gvul" movement is pleased to invite you to join us for two events on Israel's 61st Independence Day:  On Tuesday April 28th:

Alternative beacon lighting Ceremony 
For a more just, more equitable and more deserving Israel 

During the ceremony beacons will be lit, calling for an immediate cessation of senseless violence and of the Occupation regime that generates it, advocating a correction of the wrongs caused by Israeli society, urging an improvement in our attitude towards the weak and the needy among us, and expressing hope to peace with all our neighbors.  

Lighting the beacons this year will be: Aharon Eviatar (peace activist, Amnesty International (Israel)) Yonatan Ger (The Jerusalem Open House) Etti Derry (B'Tselem) Sahar Vardi (The Shministim refusal letter) Aliza Yada'i ("The Trade and Employment Families", Power to the Workers) Noam Livneh (Gaza war refusenik) Fathiya Masarwe ("The Trade and Employment Families", Power to the Workers) Michael Sfard (Human rights lawyer) Esther Ilam (one of the founders of the Feminist movement in Israel) Bassam Aramin (Combatants for Peace) And others 

Musical accompaniment: Ronit Roland, Ofer Golany and "Achotcha") 

Tuesday April 28, 2009, at 7:45 PM, at Emil Grunzweig Square (facing the Prime Minister’s Office) in Givat Ram, Jerusalem. 

Wednesday April 29, 2009 at 8:30 PM

Amongst those participating in the festivities are: Alon Ophir ● Sharon Alexander ● Dani Amir ● Nadav Bosem ● Eliott Ben Ezer ● Guli Silberstein ● Orit Zafran ● Ze'ev Tene ● Chantal Cohen ● Daniella Michaeli ● Peretz Kidron and others all directed by Ari Remez

On Wednesday April 29, 2009 at 8:30 PM come join us in raising the cheer in a loud voice:

P.S.  Admission is free – but contributions for the benefit of the victims of future wars will be appreciated!