13 Sayeret Matkal reservists join refusal to serve in territories
21 December 2003

Mr. Ariel Sharon

We, citizens of Israel who fulfill our duty as reserve soldiers, fighters and officers, veterans of Sayeret Matkal, have chosen to walk at the head of our camp, as we have been taught. Out of concern for the future of Israel as a Jewish, Zionist, Democratic state, and out of fear for its moral character we declare that: 

We shall no longer lend a hand in the occupation of the territories

We shall no longer take part in the deprivation of basic human rights from millions of Palestinians

We shall no long serve as a shield in the crusade of the settlements

We shall no longer corrupt our moral character in missions of oppression

We shall no longer deny our responsibility as soldiers of the Israeli DEFENSE force.

We fear for the fate of the children of this country, who are constantly subjected to an evil that is unnecessary, an evil in which we have participated. We have long ago crossed the line of those who fight for their own protection; we stand facing the border of those who fight to conquer another people.

We shall not cross this border!

We emphasize that we shall continue to protect Israel and its citizens.

"Who Dares Win"


refusing to kill