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Tony McNulty, Immigration Minister

Home Office

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Amaniel Weldemichael with supporters

Dear Mr. McNulty,


Re: Amaniel Weldemichael Dob: 05/12/1988 Eritrea, Ref: W1078903


We are writing to urge you to reverse the decision to send Mr Amaniel Weldemichael to Italy.


We understand that Mr Weldemichael fled Eritrea aged 15 to escape conscription. As a network of men supporting the Global Women’s Strike’s demand “to invest in caring and not killing”, we fully support his courageous action.  We do not think that young people should be forced into the military of a dictatorship like the one in power in Eritrea, to repress fellow citizens or engage in wars against neighbouring countries.


We were shocked to learn that the Home Office decided that Amaniel should be removed from the UK this Wednesday 22 March because the Home Office Third Country Unit considers that he absconded.


At no time did Amaniel or his carer fail to inform his legal representative of his whereabouts. They acted properly at all times. 


I find it astounding that the failure of the solicitors then acting for Amaniel, Howe and Co, to inform the Home Office of his and his foster carers’ change of address can be cited as reason for the Home Office to maintain that for the purposes of the Dublin II regulation Amaniel absconded.


How can a minor who is under the care of a foster family, the Local Authority and the Asylum Team (who know his whereabouts at all times), and whose carers take all reasonable steps to inform the Home Office of his change of address, be considered responsible for the failings of a firm of solicitors? 


It is clear that by any normal understanding of the term Amaniel did not “abscond”. If the Home Office does not reverse its decision then as we understand the issue he will become the victim of an incompetent solicitor. Where is the justice in this decision?  How does this decision contribute to “building a safe, just and tolerant society”?


Amaniel has put down roots in our community. His is loved and cared for by his foster family, and is doing exceptionally well in his college courses, which end in just three months. 


The decision of the Home Office is unjust and against Amaniel’s human rights.  It punishes a child for what we understand to be the incompetence of a UK solicitor.  We urge you to reverse this decision.


Yours sincerely,


Ben Martin


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