Fiat Pomigliano shut down against the war
by Slai Cobas,
Friday 14 March 2003

On 14 March the workers of the biggest Fiat factory in Southern Italy in Pomigliano (near Naples) went on a strike called by the independent union Slai Cobas.  It was announced as “a 24-hour non-stop protest against the policies of war – against the war on workers”

The mass meeting of the workers stated that they wanted: “… to connect the struggle against redundancies and the ever-increasing speed of production to a conscious refusal of a war which will yet again slaughter workers and poor people in Iraq, and will worsen the situation of rights and conditions of life of workers and poor people in our country, since the billions of dollars and euros spent on the war will be taken from our pensions, our health service and every other service and social care”.

95% of the workers from the first shift and from the daily shift went on strike, stopping the whole production.  They expect the second shift and the night shift to do the same.

The strike at Pomigliano hit many FIAT factories: production stopped at Lear of Caivano where the seats for Alfa 156 and 147 are made.

Meanwhile, at Fiat Powertrain in Termoli (Central Italy), Stefano Musacchio, shop-steward for Slai Cobas, who had already been suspended for 6 days after he put the peace banner on the factory gate, has been suspended again from 14 to 18 of March.  The union will take the factory to court. 081/8037023 Via Olbia 24, 80038 Pomigliano d’Arco (Na)

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