Nobel Peace Prize or Nobel War Prize: Will Assange and Manning Restore the Integrity of the Nobel Peace Prize?

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Friday, October 12, 2012, we shall know the answer. Among this year's nominees:
Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.


The Nobel Peace Prize, initially funded with profits from death, gave a hope that peaceful works would be recognized, but those hopes have too often been dashed as peacemakers have watched the prize be awarded to war criminals, infamous for mass murder and death.

On September 27, 2012, Julian Assange (a man who has worked for peace through risking his freedom to inform the public about the realities of war) spoke in support of human rights to the United Nations.   In his plea for peace and human rights, he told the story of Bradley Manning, a serviceman who had worked for peace, only to be tortured under the watch and command of 2009 Nobel Peace winner, Barack Obama. 

In 1867, chemist Alfred Nobel patented his invention of dynamite.   Since then, his invention has been used in wars and mass killings.  

It is claimed that Nobel's intention in inventing this deadly explosive was to do good.   Maybe Nobel's dynamite is a little like the Nobel Peace Prize, too often benefitting the biggest merchants of death in the world.    The Peace Prize was included in Nobel's will in 1895 and first awarded in 1901 out of his estate.   Nobel had reportedly decided to put the initial Nobel Prizes in his will after reading a premature obituary of his death calling him, "the merchant of death" and going on to say that, "he had become rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before." The recipient is selected by the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a 5-member committee appointed by the Parliament of Norway.

There have been some honorable winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.   One of them was even related to me.    Some of the more honorable winners included Cordell Hull, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jimmy Carter and Al Gore. However, the good done by the prize has been somewhat tarnished by war crimes committed by other Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

Look at these youtube videos at some of the peaceful actions that took place under 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama's watch and command:   Collateral Murder , another  show of the President's peaceful nature (inclusive of Obama laughing at his war crimes),   the pacifistic sending of missiles to attack another country that never attacked us,  and this heart-warming video of Obama's friendly drone program.

Then there are the compassionate deaths at the American Concentration Camp at Guantanamo Bay, a facility Obama promised to close but kept open, expanding the privilege of permanent non-trial detention to American citizens.   


But Obama isn't the only war criminal to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.   Don't forget the Butcher of Cambodia and Chile, Henry Kissinger. Interestingly, they gave the Peace Prize to Kissinger right after his 9/11/73 terrorist attack on the Country of Chile and his installation of mass murderer/terrorist Augusto Pinochet. Maybe the key to getting a Nobel Peace Prize is to massacre large numbers of unarmed and helpless innocent people.  

Going back a little further, don't forget Woodrow Wilson who got the United States into World War I (killing 116,516 American servicemen). He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. But taking us into war on a false flag after running for re-election on a slogan of, "He kept us out of the war," wasn't his only claim to fame.   Don't forget Ludlow, Colorado: where his suppression forces flame-broiled innocent men, women and children for the purpose of breaking a miners' strike.  Then there were the Palmer Raids of Wilson's Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer, wherein the Wilson Administration terrorized American citizens from coast to coast while violating the Bill of Rights for the purpose of suppressing support for peace. Included in Wilson's anti-peace/anti-American agenda was the infamous Espionage Act of 1917 - yes, the same act that 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama apparently seeks to use to permanently detain, torture and/or execute Julian Assange. In Wilson's defense, he did try to get the United States into the League of Nations, a weak pre-curser of the United Nations.

But even before Wilson's Presidency, the Nobel Peace Prize went, in 2006, to Teddy Roosevelt of the imperialistic Spanish American War, which resulted from lies and an earlier false flag operation.   (My apologies to my now-deceased grandfather who was with the Rough Riders.)  If you want to get a good look at Teddy Roosevelt, read this story about an incident that occurred under his command and watch, earlier in the year in which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize: