Candlelight Vigil for families torn apart
by poverty, foster care, prison, immigration laws, the poverty draft, killed by police . . . .


…for whistleblowers & truth-tellers in prison or detained
Chelsea Manning, the Dallas 6, Julian Assange, Rev. Edward Pinkney, Ali Fikri Işık in Turkey, Mumia, Maroon…


For your loved one not home for the holidays!


Thursday, Dec 18 at 4:30pm at the Department of Human Services (DHS)1515 Arch St, Philadelphia  (short program & speak-out from 5pm) 


This year we light candles for…

…Whistleblower Chelsea Manning. Happy Birthdayimage002.jpg! Free her now!  Chelsea Manningis 27 years old on Dec 17.  Formerly known as Bradley, she is the transgender whistleblower, US soldier, Grand Marshal at San Francisco Pride 2014, who revealed US, UK and other governments’ war crimes and corruption.  She leaked hundred of thousands of documents to Wikileaksexposing the truth and therefore saving many lives.  Imprisoned in 2010 and held for months under torturous conditions, she was sentenced to 35 years in August 2013. Sign Amnesty International’s petition for her immediate release. Write letters to Dept of Defense requesting clemency. For more info: Chelsea Manning Support Network -

Actions happening in Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Istanbul, London, Philadelphia, Rome, San Francisco, Venice, Vancouver... Details of


image009…Carolyn Hill’s niecesabruptly and traumatically removed from her home by the Dept of Human Services because she is a low-income Black woman with no GED. Superior Court to rule soon.Read the Amici Curiae brief. See The Right to Parent, Even if You Are Poor 



image002…The Dallas 6 -six African-American prisoners in solitary confinement in SCI Dallas PA prison who blew the whistle on & peacefully protested against torture and abuse by prison guards.  Four of them face trial on Feb 17, 2015 in Luzerne County (infamous for the “kids for cash” scandal) for “rioting.” Justice for the Dallas 6 Support Campaign -


image008…Grassroots leader Rev. Edward Pinkney convicted of election law violation by an all-white jury without any supporting evidence. Benton Harbor Michigan is 96% Black. He was sentenced to 2½ to 10 years in prison on Dec 15.

We will also mark the occasion of the Welfare Warrior’s annual Fight Back Caroling Caravan by closing the vigil with a carol on poverty.  


Thanks to Chelsea's whistleblowing, we the public now know about:

The collateral murder video of a US helicopter crew killing Iraqi civilians ● the cover- up of rape in Iraq & Afghanistan ● the secret use of drones for extra-judicial killing ● US dirty tricks in Haiti, Venezuela, Peru & elsewhere ● Egyptian and Palestinian Authority collusion with Israel’s bombing of Gaza ● How Clinton spreadfracking around the world for big oil. . .


Every Life is of Value  from Ferguson to NYC to Palestine  
Called by
 DHS Give Us Back Our Children, Every Mother is a Working Mother Network, Global Women’s Strike, Human Rights Coalition, Payday men’s network.  More info: 215-848-1120 •