Dear friends,

We are forwarding this appeal from the Bradley Manning Support Network and invite you to call the Secretary of Defense right now at +1 703 692-7100. Tell him to drop all charges against Bradley. On 23 February, Bradley will attend an arraignement hearing where he will plead guilty or not guilty and where the court martial date will be set. The military's case against Bradley is flawed (see here) and they have prevented Bradley's legal team to present a considerable amount of evidence (details here). Supporters will attend the arraignment hearing in the US and there will be a vigil at the US embassy in London from 5pm*. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Payday men’s network & Queer Strike (Lesbian, Bi, Trans, Queer in the Global Women's Strike)
*Sponsored by London Catholic Worker, Veterans for Peace UK, WISEUP for Bradley Manning



Call the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. Sign the petition.

Ask him to Free Bradley Manning!


Every week from now until the court martial the Bradley Manning Support Network will be asking supporters to write or call a person influential to the trial.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is the highest ranking civilian leader of the military, aside from President Obama in his role as Commander-In-Chief. As a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, he worked for civil rights issues, and there is hope he will listen to our concerns about Bradley. He is also relatively new to the trial, and in a position of influence to allow United Nations requests for a special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, to have access to confidentially meet with Pfc. Bradley Manning. It is unconscionable that anyone would block a UN observer to investigate serious allegations of prisoner abuse. It is particularly unusual that a President would allow one of his own soldiers to be treated so indecently.

A visit by a UN observer could be a first step towards a fair trial for Bradley Manning. However, the administration has so far persisted in staging a show trial -- one where they’d already declared the defendant guilty before he’d been charged.

Call the Secretary of Defense. Let him know this court martial is a sham. Tell him to drop these ridiculous charges and pursue those who have abused Bradley Manning's rights. If Secretary Panetta is unable or unwilling to hold military officials accountable for the criminal and improper behavior that has been exposed, then we will hold him responsible too.

Call the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. Share your concerns about Bradley’s brutal confinement and unjust prosecution.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
 +1 703 692-7100

  • Ask him to drop all the charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning.
  • Allow the defense to present its case! Including, all of its evidence and witnesses.
  • Prosecute war criminals not whistle-blowers.
  • Stop denying the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture access to visit Bradley Manning.
  • Recognize that Bradley is an honorable person & give him a medal. Free Bradley Manning!

If the number stops answering, you can also pressure his institute for public policy, which should certainly be educating people on the importance of whistle-blowers and fair justice.

The Panetta Institute for Public Policy
100 Campus Center, Building 86E
California State University, Monterey Bay
Seaside, California 93955
Phone 831-582-4200
Fax 831-582-4082

Once you call, sign this petition sponsored by Occupy and anti-war protester, and Veteran, Scott Olsen. It asks Leon Panetta to allow UN Special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, access to visit with Bradley Manning so that he can properly investigate and report on the abuse. The petition already has 17,800 of the 25,000 needed signatures. Please add your voice:

Scott Olsen's petition to Free Bradley Manning

Queer Strike (Lesbian Bi Trans Queer in the Global Women’s Strike)  +44 207 482 2496

Payday men's network  +44 207 2094751