Each week we highlight different aspects of what Bradley Manning has done for the movement.

Thank You Bradley Manning!

“If the public, particularly the American public, had access to this information, it could spark a debate on the military and our foreign policy in general as it applied to Iraq and Afghanistan, it might cause society to reconsider the need to engage in counter-terrorism while ignoring the human situation of the people we engaged with every day … I felt I accomplished something that would allow me to have a clear conscience.”

No Pride in the Slaughter of Others – Bradley Manning our Gay Hero!

Queer whistleblower Bradley Manning is part of a proud tradition among LGBTQ sisters and brothers who refuse to be killers.  Gay Filipino/Native American Stephen Funk was the first US soldier to be convicted and jailed for refusing to fight in Iraq. Gay Kurdish military refuser Mehmet Tarhan in Turkey was tortured and imprisoned until this was stopped by an international campaign in which grassroots LGBTQ organizations were prominent. 

Anti-war grassroots groups like Queer Strike have long challenged the promotion of queer people’s’ right to be “out” in the military as one of the movement’s main demands.  Not surprisingly, many of those who championed our “equal right” to kill have been less keen to defend a gay brother’s right to “refuse to kill”.  Most mainstream LGBTQ organisations have shamefully ignored or refused to support Bradley Manning throughout his three year fight against incarceration and torture.

A man of exceptional courage and principle

In a statement he read in court on 28 February 2013, gay US Army PFC Bradley Manning proudly admitted having leaked information to Wikileaks in order to inform the public of US war crimes and government skulduggery that was being kept from us.

He faces charges up to life in prison. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the third time in a row.

But Bradley’s example has been applauded among the Queer grassroots. His recent election to Grand Marshall of San Francisco Pride 2013, swiftly annulled by Board President Lisa Williams, is prompting ongoing explosive protests. These events have revealed the military-industrial corporate interests undermining our movement. They are also showing the great and growing number of grassroots people determined that the gay elite who have dominated the LGBTQ agenda will not prevail this time.

Many lesbian women along with women generally have been the backbone of the anti-war anti-occupation movement in the US. Everyone who stands for justice, but first of all Bradley Manning’s LGBTQ sisters and brothers and their organizations, must join this campaign for his freedom. We expect gay people in positions of authority to support the rest of us or be exposed as serving the 1%. They could never have got where they are without a massive grassroots movement ranging from whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, to all the other “outlaws” and “outcasts” who have fought for survival and justice. Stonewall was a Riot!

Bradley Manning for Grand Marshall, not Court Martial!

Veterans respond to Pride here.   Protest to Pride here.  


1st June: International Actions to Free Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning’s court-martial begins 3 June

The Bradley Manning Support Network is calling for actions across the US and around the world on or around Saturday, 1 June and also Saturday, 8 June.


On 23 February, an unprecedented groundswell of international support for Bradley emerged when 70 communities in 19 countries took action.

US East Coast: 1 June Rally at Fort Meade, Maryland, where the court-martial will take place.

UK: 1 June, 2-4pm Demonstrate outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London W1A 2LQ

Germany: 31 May, Meeting at Clear Barrel GI Café, Kaiserslautern. 1 June Solidarity Rally in Berlin, Brandenburg Gate.

Information on latest actions here.

Join your nearest protest or organize a solidarity event in your area, register it on the BMSN website, and let us know about it so we can help publicise

Other ways to support Bradley

·         Write your local press why you support Bradley’s courageous whistleblowing.

·         Translate this message and/or send to your networks.

·         Demand media access to the trial, and that court records be released. See BMSN Action Alert.

·         Show the Collateral Murder video at meetings / put on websites / local TV programs.

·         Send messages of support to BMSN. (cc  and we’ll publish on our website.)

·         Sign Daniel Ellsberg’s petition (Pentagon Papers whistle-blower).

·         Write to Bradley

"Let us follow the example of Bradley, let’s battle for peace, let’s battle against wars, without fear of reprisals, let’s learn from Bradley to be truly human."


Hugo Blanco, Director of Lucha IndigenaPerú

“This material [passed to Wikileaks] has contributed to ending dictatorships in the Middle East, it has exposed torture and wrongdoing in all the corners of the world”.


Julian Assange Wikileaks founder, who remains in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, protected from extradition to Sweden and to the US

Queer Strike  

 US: PO Box 14512, SF, CA 94114, / 415-626 4114
UK: PO Box 287 London NW6 2QU / 020 7482 2496

Payday men’s network

US: PO Box 11795 Philadelphia, PA 19101 / 215 848 1120
UK: PO Box 287 London NW6 2QU / 020 7267 8698