Resolution from No Debt Committee (Italy) in support to Bradley Manning
17 December 2011

The No Debt Committee opposes military expenditure, not only in Italy but internationally. The USA’s military budget is over a trillion dollars annually, more than half the budgets of all the other countries put together. Yesterday, 16th December, was the start of the pre-hearing considering a court martial of Bradley Manning, a gay US soldier accused of passing to Wikileaks hundreds of thousands of files, which reveal war crimes committed by the US in wars waged with the military and financial support of coalitions of which Italy is part. If found guilty of ‘aiding the enemy’, the main charge, Bradley Manning could be sentenced to life in prison or even death. If Bradley Manning is the person who exposed these war crimes, his action is a fundamental attack on military expenditure on behalf of all of us, and must be supported by us.

On 17th December, Bradley Manning’s 24th birthday, the Bradley Manning Support Network has launched an International Day of Action in Support of Bradley Manning, with actions in Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Iceland, UK and US (so far). Our support is even more crucial now that the US House of Representatives voted in favour of the National Defense Authorization Act, authorizing indefinite detention of anyone, anywhere by the military - without charge or trial—in other words, concentration camps: Guantánamos and Begrams everywhere where there is a US military.

The No Debt Committee endorses the International Day of Action and sends solidarity and support to Bradley Manning and joins his millions of supporters worldwide.

Resolution submitted by Payday men’s network