Agustin Aguayo, conscientious objector and war resister sentenced to 8 months and finally free and his wife and partner, Helga, need your help!


 Helga & Agustin Aguayo

Helga & daughters Raquel & Rebecca


On November 5, 2007, Agustin was represented in The Supreme Court petitioning  the court to recognize him as a conscientious objector. Agustin's legal  battles continue. Agustin now awaits if the Supreme Court will take his case. He  has been fighting to be discharged from the Army since 2004. The Army  continues to hold Agustin and our family captive as he is still not discharged. The  price we, the Aguayo family, have paid to oppose this war and occupation is enormous!

As it stands now, Agustin Aguayo, is a convicted felon. Finding employment  has been difficult, and as of yet, unsuccessful. Helga's health has  deteriorated dramatically as a result of the stress of fighting the Army and this war.  There have been ups and downs to her health but this current situation has caused a relapse. Our most difficult battle comes while trying to put the pieces  back together and be a family, again. Most people, don't know but Helga suffers from constant panic and anxiety attacks as well as psoriasis  ( a condition exasperated by stress which at times has covered her skin 90+%. She has even experienced an aggressive form of Psoriasis   ( that can be potentially life threatening and has for her in the past.  Agustin too, has anxiety attacks, and we now know and recognize that Agustin has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. To admit all of this publicly is difficult but necessary and ultimately liberating. 

Throughout this ordeal, our daughters Raquel and Rebecca have been strong and fought side by side with us, with poise and courage. We are sad to say, that this has taken a huge toll on them. Sadly, Raquel and Rebecca are in crisis and we are seeking help for them in many ways. 

After everything they have been thru how can they not be in crisis?!?  * After dealing with a year long deployment and not knowing if their father was safe for a year.  * AND also see their friends' fathers die.  * AND live on a military base in Germany away from friends, family, and support.  * AND to go to a military school for over 3 years and be subjected to  military objectives, values, and lifestyle.  * AND see their mother's health deteriorate throughout the stressful  ordeal.  * AND to see with their own eyes and live thru, the military persecute AND prosecute their father and family to the point of seeing their father dragged away to prison, be convicted and labeled a felon AND live without him for ANOTHER 7 months while he was in prison.  * AND come back to the US to start over again and get back to life, business as usual.  * AND see BOTH their parents work thru anxiety and panic. We ask you, how can they function and not be in crisis?!? 

We put this out their as concerned parents who want to help their children to  please send our girls your positive energy, thoughts and prayers. We urge to  take a few minutes of your day and act NOW and do something simple for our  girls. PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO WRITE THEM EACH A LETTER. Raquel and Rebecca  want to receive letters of support and we believe it would be very healing for them to receive acknowledgment of their pain, to receive a letter. It could be  something as simple as:

 Dear Rebecca/Raquel:

I am sorry you are sad. I think you are very brave. I think you are a strong person. I just wanted to say I am thinking of you today and hope you have a  great day today. Things will get better. You have my support!

We ask the peace community, that has never failed us, to please send an  individual letter to each of our girls. Please help our girls heal and let them  know they have your support as well! 

The girls have expressed the desire to hear from you and especially any other children. They are eager to hear from anyone willing to write to them. WE  THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

Please write to:

Raquel E. Aguayo

38271 Mariner Court

Palmdale, CA 93552

Rebecca S. Aguayo
38271 Mariner Court

Palmdale, CA 93552

We all want to stop this war. We all want to honor the heroes that refuse to  fight, those that march the streets, and those that create dialogue about this war. But, we often forget the unsung heroes that are hurt the most in this  tragedy ... the children. The children are the most affected by this war. I ask you to think of them. 

Many conscientious objectors and war resisters have family and children:  Pablo Paredes, Camilo Mejia, Kevin Benderman, to mention a few. Please reach out to them. Please reach out to the Iraqi children  ( . Please do something for the children targeted to fight this war  ( Please do something for the children -- past, present, future -- affected by this war. They too, have paid or will pay a price -- unwillingly. We thank you for your time!

Helga P. Aguayo & Agustin Aguayo


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